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Monica R. Ransom, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow with Jay Hesselberth lab


University of Colorado Denver AMC-Dept BMG
Mail Stop 8101
RC1-South, RM 10400F
12801 East 17th Ave
Aurora, CO 80010

Jay Hesselberth

Research Focus:

I study chromatin structure and function at a global level using high throughput sequencing technology. I am studying the chromatin structure through superhelical density across the genome in wild type cells as well as looking at the interplay between nucleosome structure and chromatin structure by looking at histone mutations that disrupt the core nucleosomal structure. To understand how modifications to the histones regulate the positioning of nucleosomes and the structure of the chromatin, I am investigating the role of 4 histone modifications in the nucleosome core; histone H3 lysine (K)56 acetylation, K115 acetylation, threonine (T)118 phosphorylation, and K122 acetylation to determine the affect these modifications have on global nucleosome positioning in yeast.

Personal Information:

I obtained a Ph.D. From the University of Colorado at Boulder studying the role of phospholipid flippases on programmed cell death in C. elegans.


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