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Optical Imaging Services

Optical Imaging


Advanced Light Microscopy Core

The mission of the Advanced Light Microscopy Core is to facilitate labs from School of Medicine at University of Colorado Denver with access to advanced imaging research instrumentation at a reasonable price. The ALMC can assist you with fluorescent and label-free imaging of various cellular structures or tissues in several ways.

AISR Optical 

AISR Optical

The In Vivo Optical Gene Imaging Facility offers CU Cancer Center members and other investigators the tools to image biological processes in live experimental animals based on powerful, non-invasive bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging.


Biophotonics Research

The Department of Bioengineering conducts active research in the area of biophotonics in collaboration with researchers at Anschutz Medical Campus. The goal is to develop and engineer improved optical imaging technologies for basic biomedical research and clinical diagnostics.