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C-TRIC Scientific Staff


C-TRIC's intent in designating scientific staff is to foster a collaborative community of academic, government and industry professionals in the greater Denver area who are engaged in human or animal imaging-based research.

Membership Requirements

  • Members may include scientists, laboratory managers and key organizational decision makers whose competencies and research interests align with at least one of the C-TRIC cores.
  • Members from academia are required to have a faculty appointment of at least the senior PRA level.
  • Members from industry may not include professionals whose primary job focus is sales or sales support.


  • Scientific staff are expected to lecture or assist in C-TRIC seminars and workshops as needed.
  • Scientific staff are expected to collaborate on grant funding efforts coordinated by C-TRIC.
  • Scientific staff are expected to answer or route inquiries from investigators interested in accessing C-TRIC expertise or resources. 
  • Scientific staff are expected to provide advise on scientific or operational issues as they pertain to the C-TRIC cores.
  • Scientific staff must agree to be listed on the C-TRIC website