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University of Colorado Hospital
Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion
Department of Radiology
1635 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045

General Radiology: 720-848-1114
CT: 720-848-1162
IR: 720-848-7440
Mammo: 720-848-1030
MRI: 720-848-1160
Nuc Med (PET/DEXA): 720-848-1200
Ultrasound: 720-848-1860 

Education/Clinical Services Manager
Phone: 303-724-1981
Fax: 303-724-6601
Education & Residency Coordinator
Phone: 303-724-1980
Fax: 303-724-6601
Residency Program Coordinator
Phone: 303-724-9245
Fax: 303-724-6601
Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 303-724-8882
Fax: 303-724-6601
Pediatric Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 720-777-8613
Fax: 303-724-6601
Education Specialist/Psychometrician
Phone: 303-724-1989

Fax: 303-724-6601
Education Mailing Address:
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Department of Radiology, Academic Division
12631 E. 17th Avenue, MS 8200
Aurora, CO 80045

Kristin McKinney, MD, Assistant Professor 
Medical Director
Sonography Program Director
Phone: 720-848-1872
Sonography Mailing Address:
Department of Ultrasound
University of Colorado Hospital, F-720
1635 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045
This program is accredited through the Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs CAAHEP.
Karen Kimes
Research Administrator
Phone: 720-848-6612
Fax: 720-848-7315
Professional Research Assistant 
Fax: 720-848-7315
Professional Research Assistant 
Fax: 720-848-7315
Pediatric Research Assistant
Phone: 720-777-0557
Radiology Research Mailing Address:
University of Colorado Denver
Leprino Building
Department of Radiology, MS L954
12401 E. 17th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045
Gerald Dodd, III,M.D. - Chairman, Department of Radiology
Mehul Lakhani - Director of Finance & Administration
Cindy Mansfield - HR & Finance Administrator
Karen Kimes - Research Administrator 
Jared Perry - Senior Communications & Finance Specialist
Nancy Austin - Executive Assistant
Jana Garin - Administrative Assistant
Daniel Lemus - Administrative Assistant
Kevin Quashnick - Education/Clinical Services Manager
Pamela Sullivan - Education & Residency Program Coordinator
Andrea Garbrecht - Fellowship Coordinator
Katie Cornish - Pediatric Fellowship Coordinator
Alyssa Landsberger - Residency Program Coordinator
Fawn White - Professional Research Assistant
Melody Carroll - Education Specialist/Psychometrician
Dan Nguyen - Professional Research Assistant
Emma Hulseberg-Dwyer - Pediatric Research Assistant
Charmaine Vote - Senior HR & Finance Specialist

Radiology Mailing Address:
University of Colorado Denver
Leprino Building
Department of Radiology, MS L954
12401 E. 17th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045