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CPT Codes
Tax ID Number:  74-2161737 (University Physicians, Inc.)
Please contact Kathy Taylor, Business Manager, at 303-724-5705 or, if you have questions about billing.

Microarray Billing Policy Effective June 1, 2014
When the new molecular CPT codes became effective January 1, 2013, insurance companies subsequently revised their medical policies regarding medical necessity for chromosomal microarray.  Because of the variability among these policies, waivers for microarray testing have been implemented for all insurance carriers, except Colorado Medicaid.  
Please have your patient complete and sign the Waiver for CytoSNP-850K Microarray form below, and submit it with the specimen for microarray testing.  If the patient’s insurance denies the charges, the patient will be billed at a discounted rate.
Waiver for CytoSNP-850K Microarray

Familial Follow-up After Abnormal Microarray Policy
Effective June 1, 2014
Colorado Genetics Laboratory (CGL) is now offering the CytoSNP-850K Microarray; therefore, the follow-up testing policy has been updated.
Given the improved resolution and increased probe redundancy of today’s chromosomal microarrays (CMAs), confirmation of all abnormal microarray findings by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is NO longer standard practice.
It is recommended that parental testing be considered when a genomic imbalance is detected by chromosomal microarray to determine if the finding is an inherited or de novo occurrence.
Depending on the specific imbalance, follow-up testing may be FISH studies, cytogenetic analysis (karyotyping), or targeted microarray.
CytoSNP-850K Microarray: Follow-up Familial Testing
  • If the parental/familial testing will help clarify the clinical significance of the imbalance, testing of two family members will be offered at NO CHARGE for a limited time, specifically within 13 months of CMA report date.
  • For all other cases, testing is available at CGL for an additional charge.
Previous Microarray Platforms (180K Oligo, 105K Oligo, BAC): Follow-up Parental Testing
  • CGL will extend the offer of parental testing at NO CHARGE through June 2016
            • IF: Offer of testing at no charge specifically appears on the patient’s CMA report
            • AND: The specific test (i.e., FISH probe) is available.
  • AFTER June 2016 CGL may be able to perform the testing for a charge if the test (i.e., FISH probe) is available.
If you have questions or would like to discuss follow-up testing in the context of a particular patient case, please contact CGL at (303) 724-5701 and ask to speak with a Genetic Counselor.