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Cancer Biology Program Students

Year you started the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program:


Why you chose the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program:

I am interested in cancer research.

What labs you rotated in: 

Pepper Schedin, PhD

Doug Graham, MD PhD

Stijn De Langhe, PhD

What lab you joined and why:

I joined Pepper Schedin's lab because I'm really interested in the lab's research, and I enjoy working with everyone in the lab.

Short description of your project:

I am currently working on developing an immunocompetent pregnancy associated breast cancer model.  The goal of my study is to characterize mammary immunostatus of involution in this mouse model. I would also like to determine whether the immunosuppressive microenvironment of involution is able to promote metastasis independent of breast cancer subtype such as luminal A, B, Her2 positive or triple negative breast cancer.

Where you attended undergraduate and what your major / minor(s) were:

University of Alaska, Anchorage

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Math

What you did (if anything) between undergraduate and graduate

I applied directly to graduate school, and made 6 week trip to Europe prior to actually starting the program.

Other school affiliated activities / clubs you are involved in:

UC Denver cycling team (road biking)

What you like to do outside of school:

triathlon, running, hiking and cross country skiing.

What is your favorite thing about Colorado?

The sun and mountains.