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Lian Zhang, MB, MSc, PhD



 – MB; Hebei United University School of Medicine, China (1999)

 – MSc, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Peking University, Beijing, China (2002)

 – PhD, Molecular Biology; University of Colorado Denver, Denver, Colorado (2007)


Research Interests:​

 – Cell Death Mechanisms in cancer cells in response to Anti-Cancer Therapies


Selected Publications:














Histone occupancy in vivo at the '601' nucleosome positioning sequence is determined by transcriptional history. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2011 Aug; 31(16):3485-3496. R Perales, L Zhang, DL Bentley

hnRNP L regulates the humorigenic capacity of lung cancer zenografts in mice via caspase-9 pre-mRNA processing. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2010 Nov; 120(11): 3923-3939. RW Goehe, JC Shultz, C Murudkar, S Usanovic, NF Lamour, DH Massey, L Zhang, DR Camidge, JW Shay, JD Minna, CE Chalfalnt

Preclinical and clinical estimates of a cancer's basal apoptotic rate predict for the amount of apoptosis induced by subsequent pro-apoptotic stimuli. Clinical Cancer Research 2010. 2-1- Sep; 16(17): 4478-4489. L Zhang, BD Kavanagh, AM Thorburn, DR Camidge

Demethylation of trimethylated histone HeLYS4 in vivo by HARID1 JmjC proteins. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 2007 Feb; 14(3):240-242. DJ Seward, G Cubberley, S Kim, M Schonewald, L Zhang, B Tripet, DL Bentley

Altered nucleosome occupancy and histone HeK4 methylation in response to increased transcriptional stress. The EMBO Journal. 2005 Jul; 24(13):2379-2390. L Zhang, S Schroeder, N Fong, DL Bentley





(303) 266-4043​​