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Christin Tsao, MD

Assistant Professor

B.A.                            Biology                                                                                         2001-2005
                                  University of Chicago
                                  Chicago, Illinois
M.S.                            Physiology                                                                                    2006 - 2007
                                   Georgetown University                                                          
                                  Washington, District of Columbia
M.D.                            Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Sciences/
                                  Chicago Medical School                                                                  2008 - 2012
                        North Chicago, Illinois
Residency:                 Anatomic and Clinical Pathology                                                     2012 - 2016
                                   Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center,
                                   School of Medicine (SOM)
                                   New Orleans, Louisiana
Fellowship:                 Hematopathology                                                                          2016-2017
                                   Indiana University School of Medicine
                                   Indianapolis, Indiana


1.      Tsao C, Thomas L, McGoey RR. Black Esophagus Detected at Autopsy in a Patient with Abdominal Pain and Bloody Diarrhea.  J La State Med Soc Jul/Aug 2014(166) 188-190. 


2.      Tsao C and McGoey RR. Pathology Image of the Month: Black Thyroid. J La State Med Soc. May/Jun 2014(166) 134-136.