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Frances L. Meredith, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

​Department of Otolaryngology Research Division 

Dr. Meredith​ received her PhD from the University of Colorado and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in the Rennie Lab, Department of Otolaryngology. In February 2018, she was appointed Research Assistant Professor in the department.

Dr. Meredith’s research focuses on understanding the roles that ion channels play in vestibular functioning. She uses patch clamp electrophysiology to record from vestibular hair cells and the primary afferent neurons that contact them. Studies include identification of regional and developmental differences in calyceal potassium and sodium currents and action potential firing patterns. Current research focuses on the role of sodium channels at the type I hair cell and calyx synapse using immunohistochemistry and patch clamp techniques.
Dr. Meredith was awarded an institutional NIH T32 training grant (Basic Neuroscience Advanced Training) for her doctoral thesis work and subsequently received a 2 year NSBRI (NASA) First Award Post-doctoral Fellowship, a Hearing Health Foundation Fellowship, an American Hearing Health Foundation grant and an American Otological Society grant.​
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