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Department of Orthopedics

Department of Orthopedics
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​Date ​Description​
​12/28/2015 Children's Colorado Patient Chosen to be the Broncos' Country Hero
Press release - 12/28/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​12/24/2015 Colorado Doctor Uses Tenex Procedure to Fix Tendon Issues​
Press release - 12/24/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​12/16/2015 Custom Rods Take Guesswork out of Spine Surgery​
Press Release - 12/16/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​12/2/2015 A Sound Approach to Treating Tendon Injuries​
Press Release - 12/2/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​10/21/2015 1st Colorado patient gets new cartilage graft; Cartiform technology helps rebuild torn knee ligament
Press release - 10/21/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​9/28/2015 Cecilia Pascual-Garrido, MD, selected for Clinician Scientist Development Program
Press release - 9/28/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​9/14/2015 A 'revolutionary procedure' that got one patient back on the bike
Press release - 9/10/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​9/10/2015 Using magnets to elongate surgically-implanted spines
Press release - 9/10/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​9/9/2015 Denver Broncos and UCHealth announce major health partnership
Press release - 9/9/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​8/13/2015 Denver doctor pioneers less invasive hip surgery
Press release - 8/6/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​8/6/2015 For ortho surgeon, love of the grape only gets better with age
Press release - 8/6/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​8/3/2015 Four CU Orthopedics physicians named to 5280's Top Docs 2015
Press release - 8/3/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​7/25/2015 CU Orthopedics ranked #1 in Denver and Colorado
Press release - 7/25/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​7/10/2015 Device bridges destruction of joint tumor
Press release - 7/10/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​6/23/2015 How an innovative surgery helped Elizabeth get back on the horse
Press release - 6/23/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​6/10/2015 Incoming resident Byron Ellis never stops believing in himself
Press release - 6/10/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​6/8/2015 An interview with a BASE jumping orthopedic surgeon
Press release - 6/8/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​6/4/2015 Dr. Scott receives award from the Academy of Medical Educators
Press release - 6/4/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​6/4/2015 Residency Program receives service award from Denver Public Schools
Press release - 6/4/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​6/1/2015 Soccer player returns from surgery stronger than ever
Press release - 6/1/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​5/7/2015 New technology helps surgeon build a better shoulder
Press release - 5/7/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​4/29/2015 China exchange boils down to bones
Press release - 4/29/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​4/28/2015 Dr. Burger on Women's Radio Network 1
Press release - 4/28/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​4/21/2015 Meet Omer Mei-Dan: Israeli BASE jumper, stuntman, and orthopedic surgeon
Press release - 4/21/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​4/11/2015 Michelle Wolcott, MD, talks sports medicine on KEZW
Press release - 4/11/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​4/9/2015 Colorado researchers use horse sense to innovate joint therapies
Press release - 4/9/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​3/6/2015 Surgeon smashed gender barriers, crossed continents
Press release - 3/6/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​2/25/2015 Nathan Donaldson, DO, chosen as 'Provider of the Month' at Children's Hospital Colorado
Press release - 2/25/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​2/25/2015 Aaron Provance, MD, receives 2015 CADA Distinguished Service Award
Press release - 2/25/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​2/24/2015 Spine researcher awarded state grant for marijuana study
Press release - 2/24/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​2/10/2015 Research spotlight: Two studies on ACL injury treatment in adolescents
Press release - 2/10/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​1/23/2015 Cowboy doctor helps stock show riders
Press release - 1/23/2014 (Department of Orthopedics)
​1/15/2015 About the Children's Colorado Rodeo Experience
Press release - 1/15/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)
​1/6/2015 For Jonathan Bravman, serendipity, intent turned the cranks
Press release - 1/6/2015 (Department of Orthopedics)