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Mock Oral Board Examination

Preparation Course

​​​​The University of Colorado Department of Ophthalmology currently offers the only full-length, mock oral examination for ophthalmology in the country. This half-day course is designed to replicate the actual oral exam in every aspect possible.
  Past Attendee Feedback
  • Helps with time management, pacing, and stamina
  • Realistic format​
  • Exact simulation of the oral boards
  • Helped alleviate anxiety about how the real exam is timed
  • Beyond Awesome!
The course attempts to improve examinees readiness for the oral board examination through a live oral exam that closely simulates the format, content, and timing o​f the actual examination. In simulated exam rooms, attendees will complete six 30 minute, face-to-face encounters with examiners who present up to ten clinical cases and describe how they would care for that patient. Upon completion of the mock exam, attendees will have the opportunity to review their performance with examiners and receive feedback on ways to improve exam techniques.
To Register for the Mock Oral Board Course:
  1. ​Download and complete theRegistration Form
  2. Submit the completed form (see form for details)
  3. To complete course registration and secure your spot, mail a check for the course fee (see form for details)

Course Dire​ctors: 

To learn more about the official Board Certification Exam administered by the American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO), visit its web site:​.​