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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

​What is the application deadline each year?

December 1

What is the GRE code for the University of Colorado Microbiology Program?

GRE code: 4875

Will you accept the MCAT scores instead of the GREs?

Yes, however, we prefer to have the GREs.

Do you require the GRE subject exam?

No, but a good score in the subject exam would be positive for the application.

Does the program award master's degrees?

No, we are a PhD-granting program. Master's degrees are not typically awarded.

What does my completed application need?
  • Completed application form (Online Ap​plication)
  • Include application fee information
  • Upload Statement of Purpose, CV, academic and non-academic experience
  • Requested test scores to be sent directly from Education Testing Service to the University of Colorado (Institutional Code 4875) A subject code is not required.
  • Official copies of your transcripts from each college or university attended. Official copies must be sent directly from the college or university attended. Those submitted by the student will not be accepted.
  • Letters of recommendation by those who know you well and are able to comment on your scientific knowledge, achievements and potential.
I submitted my application, now what?

The Admissions Committee will review your application file and decide whether to offer you an interview at our interview weekends normally held in February. If you do not receive an invitation or a letter of decline, your application is put on a waitlist. The Committee has until April 15 to notify you of their decision. Usually, 10 to 14 applicants are invited for interviews.

I received an invitation for an interview. What do I need to do next?

The Microbiology Program Administrator will contact you about your travel and make arrangements convenient for you. The Microbiology Program, will cover expenses for transportation, lodging, and meals during your travel and visit, and may reimburse you for some out-of-pocket travel expenses; guidelines for reimbursement will be included in your interview packet.

What happens during the interview weekend?

The events typically include informal welcome at the hotel by current students on Thursday evening, Friday interviews with faculty and admissions committee members, and informal Friday and Saturday activities. Friday begins with continental breakfast with the Student President, Department Chair, Program Director and Program Administrator to welcome you and give you an overview of the department and the program.  This is followed by 5-6 interviews, lunch with current students and a tour of campus and scientific facilities. Friday evening, a faculty member hosts a dinner at their home, where you may meet and chat with additional students and faculty you did not get to meet during the day. On Saturday, the Graduate school and current students coordinate interesting activities in and around Denver during the day, and sponsor a poster session of current students' research and a buffet dinner in the evening.

What can I expect during the interviews?

The interviews are one-on-one 30 minute talks with the Microbiology faculty and Admissions Committee faculty. You may bring any additional information you would like to share, such as papers or research illustrations, if you wish. Current students will escort you to and from your interviews.

Are special dietary needs accommodated?

Yes, dietary needs are taken into consideration and alternatives are provided.

What should I wear to my interview?

Most candidates wear nice slacks or pants paired with a nice shirt or sweater. You may wear a suit if you would like, but it isn't required. Keep in mind comfort and fluctuating temperatures and weather.

Will I be able to talk with other graduate students about their experience in the University of Colorado Microbiology Program?

Yes, our graduate students play an important and integral part in coordinating our interview weekends. You will be contacted by a current student host/buddy in advance of your visit, and student hosts can give you the student perspective on their experience here. Candidates will have the opportunity to attend dinners, social events, and see highlights of Denver, all arranged by our current students.