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Microbiology Grad Student Retreat 2011

Current Graduate Students

The Department of Microbiology is home to a number of graduate students studying everything from small RNA's in viruses or bacteria to seroepidemiology of polyomaviruses and just about everything in-between. Students hail from around the country and from a variety of different backgrounds.

    ​Name (Matriculation Year) ​Lab Email
    ​Scott Seitz (2012 BSP) Tyler
    Christopher Covey (2013) ​Voskuil
    ​Abigail Armstrong (2014) Lozupone
    ​Kathleen Arnolds (2014) Lozupone
    Jennifer Berger (2014) van Dyk
    Sarah Born (2014) Voskuil
    ​Zoe O'Donoghue (2014 BSP) ​Kieft ​
    ​Ricardo Villarreal (2014 MSTP)​ Doran​
    Gabriela Samayoa-Reyes (2015) Poeschla
    ​Ari Simenauer (2015) Cota-Gomez
    ​Ashley Knox (2016 BSP) van Dyk
    ​Casey Martin (2016) Lozupone​
    Rachel Neve (2016)
    Frank Santoriello (2016)
    ​Hadrian Sparks (2016) Beckham
    ​Sarah Stonedahl (2016 BSP) Tyler
    ​Norhan Alhajjar (2017) Doran
    ​Monica Graham (2017) Beckham
    ​Jonathan Mendez (2017) Keestra-Gounder
    ​Brendan Monogue (2017) Beckham
    ​Matt Szucs (2017) Kieft
    ​Morgan Brown (2017 BSP) Horswill​​
    ​Joshua Frost (2017 BSP) Tyler​​
    Cydney Johnson (2017 BSP)​ Duerkop​​
    ​Hailey Kinsland (2018) Rotating​
    Haider Manzer (2018)​ Rotating​