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Financial Support

We provide up to seven years of financial support to all students (including international students) maintaining satisfactory academic progress. The Program provides a competitive stipend of $31,000 a year (effective July 1, 2019), as well as complete health and dental insurance coverage, a full tuition waiver and coverage of all fees and non-resident tuition. After the first year, support and funding comes from a variety of sources, including your thesis advisor, departmental training grants (including NIH training grants), State, and private sources in the form of graduate student researcher (GSR) fellowships and NIH traineeships.

Students are allowed and encouraged to apply for additional support in the form of pre-doctoral grants which will be added as supplements to their stipend, including National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, and private and corporate fellowships.

Students who demonstrate a greater financial need or experience financial difficulties may apply for aid through Financial Aid.

Colorado Residency
Non-resident U.S. citizens are expected to take the steps necessary to gain Colorado residency during their first year. Some examples of what must be done to obtain residency in Colorado include:

  • Registering to vote and voting in Colorado elections
  • Filing Colorado state income taxes
  • Registering your car in Colorado
  • Obtaining a driver's license from the State of Colorado
  • Designating Colorado as your permanent address
  • Establishing and maintaining active bank accounts in Colorado

International Applicants
Since the cost of an international student is very high, admission offers are limited. Applicants who are not United States citizens, immigrants or permanent residents should carefully read the information in the University application materials.