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Toxicology Faculty

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PictureNameAcademic Interests

Brent, Jeffrey

Buchanan, Jennie MD

Buchanan, Jennie MD

Toxicology, social media, levamisole, acetaminophen, curriculum design.


Dart, Richard

Hatten, Ben MD

Epidemiology of drug related death, spatial analysis, the relationship between public policy and health outcomes, clincial policy/guideline development

Heard, Kennon MD
Cardiovascular poisoning, geriatric EM, drugs of abuse, acetaminophen poisoning
Hoppe, Jason A. DO
Toxicology, opiate diversion, prescription drug monitoring-GI
Hoyte, Christopher MD
Obesity, sudden cardiac death, toxicity of performance-enhancing drugs, drug ​interactions/toxicology

Janetta Iwanicki​


Lavonas​, Eric MD

​Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicology, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Envenomation, Resuscitatiom, Medication Safety.​

Monte, Andrew MD
Pharmacogenomics/metabolomics, safety and efficacy of medications, personalized medicine, drug interactions

Rumack, Barry

Zuckerman, Matthew​ MD

​Toxicology, Drugs of Abuse, Obesity, Medical Education/Social Media​​