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MSMHA Student, Shannon Curran, wins poster award

January 2017 

Nine MSMHA students and alumni, along with two faculty members, presented talks or posters at the CU Education Scholarship and Innovation Symposium. 2nd year ​student, Shannon Curran (pictured top), won "best poster" award in the Innovative Teaching Methods category, and 2nd year student, Rachel Klaus (pictured bottom), brought home a "best poster" ribbon in the Educational Research category. Congratulations to all the students, alumni, and faculty who participated!


Students:  Laura Weinkle (oral presentation), Shannon Curran, Tawnya Harvey, Molika Keeler, Rachel Klaus, Jake Smith  

Alumni:  Rebecca Hlavac, Emily Mastej (oral presentation)  

Faculty:  Dr. Mike Pascoe, Dr. Danielle Royer

December 2016 ​
Graduate, Roxanna Schmidt

Roxanna Schmidt graduated at the conclusion of the Fall 2016 semester, becoming the first MSMHA​ student to graduate in 1 1/2 years. Roxanna will be starting classes at Kent State University's College of Nursing in January. Congratulations Roxanna!

December 2016 ​

MSMHA Class of 2016

The 1st year students celebrated their outstanding final presenations in Imaging and Modeling and the completion of the fall semester.

November 2016 ​
Dr. Danielle Royer

Congratulations to MSMHA Vice Executive Director, Dr. Danielle Royer, for her published manuscript titled, "Evaluation of an innovative hands-on anatomy-centered ultrasound curriculum to supplement graduate gross anatomy education." The manuscript examines the impact of ultra-sound training in gross anatomy education for non-medical students, and the MSMHA provided a robust testing ground for her research.

November 2016 ​
Bethany Hayes at Capstone Poster Session

Bethany Hayes, a 2016 MSMHA graduate, is the first author on a publication in MedEd Portal! Her publication, titled "Assessing Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis: An Online Training Tutorial for the Kellgren-Lawrence Grading Scale," is the result of her work on her capstone project in Dr. Stevens-Lapley's lab. Bethany is pictured at right, presenting her capstone poster during the annual Capstone Poster Session.  Congratulations Bethany!

November 2016 ​

Fred Gonzales and Dr. Danielle Royer

MSMHA alumnus and 2nd year CU Medical School student, Fred Gonzales, was honored by receiving the Wilson-Burrows Award for his outstanding peer teaching in Anatomy. Fred was presented with the honor at the School of Medicine's Fall Awards Ceremony.  Fred is pictured at right with Dr. Danielle Royer at the awards ceremony.  Congratulations, Fred!

November 2016 ​
Hannah Benjamin at Conference

Congratulations to 2nd year student, Hannah Benjamin, for presenting a poster at the 4th Annual Contemporary Management of Aerodigestive Disease in Children Conference at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital! Hannah's poster, "Digital Anatomy to Improve Caregiver Understanding in Aerodigestive Clinic" is based on work she is completing on her capstone project with her mentor, Dr. Emily DeBoer. Hannah's conference travel was provided through the MSMHA Student Travel Award.

October 2016 ​
Dr. Caley Orr

MSMHA faculty member, Dr. Caley Orr (pictured at right), was featured in the cover story of CU Denver Today.  Dr. Orr and his research team, including Dr. Jamie Hodgkins at the University of Colorado Denver, spent much of the summer at an excavation site in northwestern Italy, styding the role Homo sapiens may have played in extinction of Neanderthals.

October 2016 ​
Chelsea Goldberg and Shannon Curran

The Modern Human Anatomy program hosted the Advanced Poetry class at the University of Colorado Denver for a cadaver lab visit and tour. Students in the poetry class learned about the Colorado State Anatomical Board, the role of cadaveric specimens in health care education, and received hands-on experience with cadavers and anatomical speciments. Read more about the gross anatomy lab tour in CU Denver Today. Pictured to the right, Chelsea Goldberg and Shannon Curran answer questions from poetry students and faculty in the cadaver lab.

October 2016 ​

Grisela Ramirez Presenting her Capstone Project

Congratulations to recent MSMHA graduate, Grisela Ramirez, for her publication in eNeuro! The publication, "Loss of Ikbkap causes slow, progressive retinal degeneration in a mouse model of Familial Dysautonomia," is the result of her capstone project and work with mentor Dr. Maureen Stabio. Grisela is pictured at right during her capstone poster presentation.

September 2016 ​
Dr. Royer and Tawnya Harvey

Congratulations to MSMHA 2nd year student, Tawnya Harvey, for receiving the MSMHA Outstanding Student Achievement Award for the class of 2017! The award recognizes a student who exemplifies the teaching, scholarship and research missions of the Program. Criteria for the award include academic achievement, scholarship, teaching, service, peer mentoring, and professionalism. Pictured at right, Dr. Royer and Tawnya celebrate the award at the MSMHA Welcome Dinner.

August 2016 ​

MSMHA Class of 2016

The Modern Human Anatomy program is excited to welcome our 5th class of matriculating students. The new 1st year students completed New Student Orientation on August 25th, and started classes on August 29th. Welcome to our new class of students!

August 2016 ​

Dissection team

Under the guidance of Dr. Maureen Stabio, five current students and alumni performed six complete central nervous system (CNS) extractions. The CNS extraction protocol was developed by Rebecca Hlavac through her MSMHA Capstone Project. It was a long weekend of work by the dedicated team, and several of the specimens will be plastinated and used for educational purposes. Pictured left to right are 2016 graduate Chelsea Goldberg, and second year students Rachel Klaus, Shannon Curran, and Tawnya Harvey.

June 2016 ​

Avery Williams at excavation site

MSMHA student and class co-president, Avery Williams, joined Dr. Caley Orr and his research team in South Africa this summer.  Avery learned paleolithic archaeology and field excavation techniques at Pinnacle Point in South Africa, all while earning Independent Study credits. Avery spent six weeks in South Africa, and is pictured at right at the excavation site.

May 2016 

Congratulations to the MSMHA graduating class of 2016!!!

2016 MSMHA Graduating Class

Rebecca Hlavac, Bethany Hayes, and Chelsea Goldberg ​
Greg Osborne, Violette Simon, and Jon Dolata Class Co-President, Sean Haghgou

2nd Year Student, Alisa Richardson

May 2016 

MSMHA 2nd year student, Alisa Richardson, filed two separate patents, one resulting from her MSMHA capstone project with Dr. Matthew Clary and the other from independent study work with Dr. Lisa Lee. Alisa worked closely with the Technology Transfer Office at the University of Colorado to protect her intellectual property and to file the patents.  Alisa presented her patent protected work in April at the American Association of Anatomists meeting in San Diego and at the MSMHA Capstone Poster Session (top right), and most recently at the American Association of Clinical Anatomists meeting in Oakland, California (bottom right). Funding for Alisa's capstone project and travel was provided by the MSMHA program.

2nd Year Student, Fadzai MasawiApril 2016 

MSMHA 2nd year student, Fadzai Masawi, represented our program at the International Frailty and Sarcopenia Research Conference in Philadelphia, PA. Fadzai was honored by being chosen to give a platform presentation, which was titled, "Psoas Muscle Area and Muscle Fat Infiltration Before and After Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation in HIV Infection." Fadzai's conference travel was supported and funded by an MSMHA Student Travel Award. Congratulations to Fadzai on her outstanding platform presentation!

2nd Year Student, McKenzie Winter

April 2016 

MSMHA 2nd year student, McKenzie Winter, attended and presented a poster at the 2016 Congnitive Neuroscience Society meeting in New York City. McKenzie's poster was titled, "Electrophysiological Topography of Subthalamic Nucleus in Parkinson's Disease." McKenzie's conference travel was funded by an MSMHA Student Travel Award. Congratulations, McKenzie!

McKenzie (middle) hanging out with Dr. Stratford (left) and Dr. Johnson (right) at the conference.
MSMHA Student, Matt Stertiz, Accepts Award from Dr. Finger

April 2016 

Two award winners were announced at the Spring 2016 Capstone Poster Session. Matthew Stertiz was honored by receiving the MSMHA Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (pictured at left, receiving the cash award from Dr. Finger). The Oustanding Academic Achievement Award recipient is selected from faculty nominations.  Bethany Hayes was awarded the MSMHA Outstanding Capstone Poster (pictured above at right, receiving the cash award from Dr. Finger). Bethany received the highest score from faculty judges who evaluated posters and presenters at the annual capstone poster session. Congratulations to Matt and Bethany!

Dr. Lisa Lee, Alisa Richardson, Dr. Danielle Royer

April 2016 

Dr. Lisa Lee (pictured left) and Dr. Danielle Royer (pictured right) were honored by being named members of the Academy of Medical Educators at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Members are selected through a lengthy and competitive process, and as the Academy states, "membership signifies outstanding contribution to the scholarship of the University of Colorado School of Medicine." The MSMHA program is proud to have two core faculty members in the Academy of Medical Educators.

2nd Year Student, Chelsea Goldberg

April 2016

Eight MSMHA students presented at the Experimental Biology/American Association of Anatomists Annual Meeting in San Diego. Chelsea Goldberg (pictured at left) received the honor of giving a platform presentation (twice!), and Kourtney Betts, Timothy Browne (pictured below left), Johnna Diouf, Bethany Hayes, Lindsay Gaona, Becky Hlavac, and Alisa Richardson presented posters. The students and faculty attended a multitude of talks and managed to find time for some fun (below right: Dr. Royer, Chelsea Goldberg, Dr. Lee, Lindsay Gaona)! All student travel was funded by AAA Travel Awards and the MSMHA Student Travel Award.


2nd Year Student, Grisela Ramirez

2nd Year Student, Violette Simon2nd Year Student, Lindsay GaonaMarch 2016 

The MSMHA program's brain laboratory demonstration was the favorite destination for high school students visiting the Anschutz Medical Campus for our Department of Cell & Developmental Biology Research Day. Nearly 100 high school students toured the CDB basic science labs, witnessed a Visible Human demonstration, and received hands-on experience in the brain lab.  A special thanks to our four student volunteers, McKenzie Winter, Grisela Ramirez (pictured top left), Violette Simon (pictured top right), and Lindsay Gaona (pictured bottom right).   

2nd Year Student Lindsday Gaona

December 2015 

MSMHA 2nd year student, Lindsday Gaona, spent four days in Washington, D.C., at the Smithsonian National Museum of History's Support Center, where she collected data and digitally scanned human skulls in the Terry Anatomical Collection. This research is part of Lindsay's Capstone Project, in which she is developing digital scan and measurement protocols for determining the sex of human remains. In addition to the Smithsonian's collection, Lindsay has collected data from specimens in the Kulubnarti Nubian Collection at University of Colorado Boulder. Lindsay's travel to the Smithsonian was fully supported by the MSMHA Student Travel Award.

MSMHA Faculty, Dr. Danielle Royer

December 2015 

MSMHA faculty member, Dr. Danielle Royer, was recently awarded a Rymer Grant through the CU-AMC Academy of Medical Educators. The title of her grant is, “Development of Plastinated Cadaveric Human Heart Models to Supplement Cardiac Ultrasound & Anatomy Training in Undergraduate Medical Education.” Congratulations, Dr. Royer!

MSMHA 1st Year Students

December 2015 

The MSMHA 1st year students celebrated the end of their first semester in the program.  Now, for a much deserved semester break!


November 2015 

MSMHA 2nd year students Kiara Blough, Johnna Diouf, Fadzai Masawi, and Erika Scott represented our program at the 2nd Annual CareerTrek, hosted by Aurora Public Schools. This event provides an opportunity for 8th grade students in the district to explore many career opportunities and learn about various employment paths. Over 2,700 students attended, and our students dazzled them with their enthusiasm and excitement about human anatomy.

Becky Hlavac with faculty at Plastination Workshop

November 2015 

MSMHA 2nd year student, Becky Hlavac, attended the Fourth Toledo Plastination Workshop at the University of Toledo Health Sciences Campus in June. Becky joined a group of international faculty and scholars, as they explored human tissue plastination techniques and practices. Becky is pictured, second from the right, with faculty conducting the workshop. In November, Becky presented her findings from the workshop at an MSMHA seminar titled, "​The Art of Plastination: An Overview of the History, Utility, and Opportunities." Becky's travel to the Toledo Plastination Workshop was supported in full by an MSMHA Student Travel Award.

MSMHA Student, Timothy Browne
​October 2015 


MSMHA 2nd year students, Timothy Browne (pictured left) and McKenzie Winter (pictured right), will be traveling to Salt Lake City, UT, to present at the regional Association of Clinical Anatomists Meeting. Tim will be presenting an e-poster titled, "A Case-Based Learning Module on Acute Ischemic Stroke Using Donated Medical Records." This presentation is based on independent study work completed under the guidance of Dr. Danielle Royer. McKenzie will be presenting an e-poster titled, "Electrophysiological Topography of the Subthalamic Nucleus in Parkinson's Disease." McKenzie's work is the result of her capstone project under the guidance of Dr. John Thompson.   Both students received MSMHA Student Travel Awards to fund their conference attendence.

MSMHA Faculty, Dr. Caley Orr

September 2015 

MSMHA faculty member, Dr. Caley Orr, is part of the team that announced the identification of a new species of hominin on Thursday, September 10th.  Dr. Orr analyzed the fossil hands discovered at the Rising Star Cave in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Orr, along with Dr. Musiba at the University of Colorado Denver campus, are fea​tures in the article, "Scientists identify a new ancient ancestor."

MSMHA Student, Jessica Bergden

August 2015 

MSMHA student, Jessica Bergden, received an MSMHA Travel Award to attend and present a poster at the 2015 Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, IL, in October. Jessica's poster is titled, "Dementia in 3D: A case-based instructional module exploring the impact of cerebral vascular anatomy in subcortical pathology leading to dementia." Congratulations to Jessica and her capstone mentor, Dr. Frank Hughes!

2015 MSMHA Graduates

June 2015 

Rising 2nd year student, Matt Steritz, was honored with the Ralph Ger Student/Resident Platform Presentation Award for his talk at the American Association of Clinical Anatomists Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.  Matt received a MSMHA Travel Award to present his talk, "Efficacy of undergraduate medical education in anatomical sciences for pathology residency preparation." His project is the outcome of his Independent Study with Dr. Lisa Lee.

2015 MSMHA Graduates

May 2015 

Congratulations to the 2nd graduating class of MSMHA program! The group assembles prior to Commencement (right), Katie Mitchell receives her diploma from Dean Potter (below left), and Sean Blair celebrates with his daughter (below right). The MSMHA faculty and staff are very proud of our students, and thank them for their hard work, dedication, and pride in building this program.​

Katie Mitchell Receives DiplomaSean Blair and Daughter

Dr. Lisa Lee and Oana Rosenthal

May 2015 

The Modern Human Anatomy Program's very own Dr. Lisa Lee (pictured at right with MSMHA graduate, Oana Rosenthal) was honored by being the recipient of the School of Medicine's 2015 Chancellor’s Teaching Recognition Award. As stated by our Provost, "The awards are special not just because they recognize outstanding performance in our core areas as a university, but also because they are ultimately recognition of this exemplary work by faculty peers. Recipients are chosen by selection committees comprising previous award winners." Congratulations Dr. Lee!

MSMHA Student, Stuti Das

May 2015 

MSMHA student and recent graduate, Stuti Das, has been awarded two scholarships to attend Wake Forest University School of Medicine this August. The Wake Forest Medical Scholars Fund and the Class of 1959 will be providing her with scholarship awards annually. Congratulations, Stuti!

MSMHA Student, Christopher Wilkinson

April 2015 

Congratulations to Chris Wilkinson for receiving the 2015 Outstanding Capstone Poster Presentation Award! Chris presented his poster titled, "Morphology of the Bony Labyrinth of Select Species of the Superorder Xenarthra,​" and his capstone mentor was Dr. Joe Sertich of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. All posters were judged by facutly not associated with the MSMHA program.

MSMHA Student, Fred Gonzales

April 2015 

MSMHA 2nd year student, Fred Gonzales, received the prestigious Justina Ford Scholarship to attend University of Colorado Medical School. The scholarship honors Dr. Justina Ford, who graduated from Hering Medical College in Chicago in 1899. Dr. Ford was the first African American woman physician in Colorado and faced many obstacles in her professional career. Dr. Ford served the disadvantaged and under-privileged of all races. She delivered more than 7,000 babies, many at homes throughout the Five-Points region of Denver. Dr Ford was eventually allowed to practice at Denver General Hospital and was admitted to the Colorado Medical Society in 1950. Congratulations to Fred for this honor!

2015 Donor Memorial Ceremony

April 2015 

The Modern Human Anatomy Program first year class co-presidents, Kiara Blough (pictured second from left) and Sean Haghgou (pictured far right) represented the program at the 2015 Donor Memorial Ceremony. This is an annual student-run event to honor, thank, and celebratee those who have generously donated their remains to train scientists and health professionals. The full article may be read using this link, with a link to Kiara's speech here.

Violette and Sean Holiday Sweaters

April 2015 

The MSMHA program was well-represented at the 2015 Experimental Biology/American Association of Anatomists international meeting in Boston. Six students received AAA and MSMHA travel awards to present posters or platform presentations: Fred Gonzales, Kelsey Hines, Blake Iceton Jessica Kahl, Oana Rosenthal, Chris Wilkinson. Pictured at right are (left to right): Rae Russell (MSMHA alum), Oana Rosenthal (2nd year student), Chris Wilkinson (2nd year student), Dr. Lisa Lee (MSMHA Associate Professor), Dr. Danielle Royer (MSMHA Assistant Professor), Adam Lawson (MSMHA alum), and Fred Gonzales (2nd year student).​​​

Rae Russell

​December 2013 

Congratulations to 2nd year MSMHA student, Rae Russell, for being named the recipient of the first ever Outstanding Student Achievement award. MSMHA faculty nominated students based criteria such as academic achievement, scholarship, teaching, service, peer mentoring, and professionalism.  Dr. Selitrennikoff presented Rae with a $250 award (pictured right).

Fred Gonzales with the Arrhythmias Choir

​December 2013 

MSMHA first-year student, Fred Gonzales, participates in a Christmas concert with the Arrhythmias Choir. The choir is comprised of a variety of students, faculty, and staff from throughout the medical campus.


Lisa Lee Mike Pascoe

Dr. Lisa Lee and Dr. Mike Pascoe are co-recipients of a Rymer Grant, which is awarded by the Academy of Medical Educators. The grant is titled: Development and Evaluation of a Modular Anatomy Resource Utilizing Innovative Camera Technology.

Rae Russell

July 2013
MSMHA student, Rae Russell, presented a talk titled "“Gross anatomy of the spinal cord” at the American Association of Clinical Anatomy annual conference. This presentation resulted from an Independent Study project Rae enbarked on with Assistant Professor, Dr. Lisa Lee. “Gross anatomy of the spinal cord” is currently under review for publication at MedEdPORTAL, which is a peer reviewed cross-indexed suite of services provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The module was also deployed to students at the University of Colorado Dental School and the results of the study titled, “Implementation and evaluation of an online learning module on gross anatomy of the spinal cord to first year dental students,”

​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Violette and Sean Holiday Sweaters

​December 2014 

First-year students Violette Simon and Sean Haghgou celebrate the end of their first semester in the MSMHA program in style!  Congratulations to the 1st year class for the completion of the semester!

2nd Year Student, Jessica Kahl

​S​eptember 2014 

Second year MSMHA student, Jessica Kahl, received a fellowship to serve as a Graduate Facilitator for the CU Denver Community STEM Clubs Pilot program. This pairs CU-Denver graduate students with middle school and high school STEM clubs, with the goals of increasing student interest in STEM fields, and providing graduate students with opportunties to develop stronger communication skills. For more information, please visit the Community STEM Clubs website.

Oana Rosenthal at Aurora Public Schools Career Trek

​September 2014 

Second year MSMHA students, Oana Rosenthal (pictured at right) and Kelsey Hines, volunteered to spread their love of human anatomy to every 8th grade student in Aurora's Public School System. On September 8th and 9th, the Modern Human Anatomy Program wow'ed students at the First Annual Career Trek event, which gave 8th graders the opportunity to learn about different career and educational opportunities.

Students and Dr. Spitzer at Aspen Ideas Festival

​June 2014 

Dr. Spitzer and a team of MSMHA students attended the Aspen Ideas Festival, and demonstrated the arthroscopic simulator at the Innovation Gallery. Click here to read more about presentations by faculty here at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Pictured left to right:  Blake Iceton, Kelsey Hines, Jessica Kahl, Kalie Petefish, and Dr. Vic Spitzer.

First MSMHA Graduates

​May 2014 

The MSMHA program celebrates our first graduates! We thank the inaugural class who paved the way for our program. Pictured from left to right: Hollis Howery, Gabriel Morgione, Adam Lawson, and Rae Russell.

Hollis Howery Accepts Diploma

​May 2014 

The Graduate School honored the MSMHA program and our first graduating class by choosing our program to represent all master's degree recipients at Commencement. Class ​president, Hollis Howery, accepted the diploma from Dean Shur and Chancellor Elliman on behalf of all AMC basic science master's graduates.

Hollis Howery 

Rae Russell