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ANAT 6950, MSMHA Capstone Project

Course Description

The capstone project is a scholarly and/or research-based pursuit of knowledge and content development in the area of anatomical sciences, modern imaging and modeling technologies, and educational science completed as part of the MS in Modern Human Anatomy. ​

Definition of a Capstone Project

To ensure that our students are free to pursue the many opportunities offered by the Anschutz Medical Campus and surrounding scientific community, we define a capstone project less by what it is than by what it should include. As such, a capstone project should:

• Result in a tangible product or deliverable which enhances or adds to existing content being studied.
• Reflect a significant level of scholarship and creativity, and provide a scholarly contribution.
• Entail new learning for the student and demonstrate that the student has gained a new level of expertise.
• Involve the characterization of a structure (or structures) ranging in scale anywhere from molecular to organismal or gross levels of organization.
• Include at least one (and preferably more) of the following: 2D images, 3D images, animations or 3D models

​​In contrast, a Capstone Project should not be simply a superficial project with low educational value, e.g. an annotated series of existing image files, a synthesis of what is already known in the literature, etc. Please refer to the examples of capstone projects using the links below.

Capstone Projects Posters from the MSMHA Class of 2018

Capstone Projects Posters from the MSMHA Class of 2017

Capstone Projects Posters from the MSMHA Class of 2016

Capstone Projects Posters from the MSMHA Class of 2015

Capstone Project abstracts from the MSMHA Class of 2014

Click here to view a brief list of potential Capstone projects and ideas

Capstone Information, Forms, and Templates
​MSMHA Capstone Project

Overview of Project Process, Flow, and Timelines This document provides an overview of the flow of the capstone project, as well as milestones, deadlines, and expectations.
Capstone Enrollment "Mega Form" ​To be signed by the student, mentor, and committee chair prior to enrollment.
Capstone Funding Request Form Students in need of capstone funding should submit this form to Jennifer Thurston, who will submit the request to the MSMHA Finance Committee for review.
Final Capstone Report Template​ Guideline for student's final capstone report.​

Capstone Final Report Grading
Criteria for which the capstone final paper/report grade will be awarded. This form will be completed by all members of the student's exam committee.​
Capstone Poster Presentation Page Guideline and tips for creating a terrific poster.​

Capstone Presentation Grading Rubric​ ​Criteria for which the capstone presentation grade will be awarded.
Outstanding Capstone Presentation Criteria and Scoring Scoring criteria for the Outstanding Capstone Presentation Award for each poster category (Education, Bench, Clinical)
​Final Capstone Project Evaluation Form ​Capstone Project Project Evaluation Form used by committee members to award final grade
Citation Guide​ Resource for citations using the Anatomical Sciences Education format​

Scientific Writing Resource​ "The Science of Scientific Writing," by Gopen & Swan​

Scientific Presentation Tips​ Distributed by Dr. Chad Pearson at October 23rd, 2013, seminar

Important Dates for Students on Track to Graduate Spring 2020

​Date Item or Event​ Links/Information​
​June 7, 2019 Capstone "Mega" Form due​​ for summer Capstone enrollment Capstone "Mega" Form
​June 3, 2019 ​Summer semester begins
​July 1, 2019 Fall registration begins​ ​UCDAccess
​August 26, 2019 ​Fall semester begins
​September 6, 2019 Capstone "Mega"​ Form due for Fall capstone project enrollment Capstone "Mega" Form
​August 26 - December 2019 ​Attend Capstone Project Workshop
​Sept. 2019 - April 2020 Monthly check-in with advisor/committee chair
​November 1, 2019 ​Students must have 3rd committee member established
​mid-November, 2019 Mandatory advising meeting​ Advising Form
​December 1, 2019 ​Interim Capstone Report due to all committee members Capstone Report Template
​January 21-April 2020 ​​Attend Capstone Project Workshop
​February 4, 2020 ​Last day to apply for graduation with Registrar ​​"How to Apply" Information
​mid-March, 2020 ​Mandatory advising meeting Advising Form
April 3, 2020

​Last day to submit Application for Admission to Candidacy to Graduate School  ​Admission to Candidacy Form
April 3, 2020

​Last day to submit Request for Exam form to the Graduate School  ​Request for Graduate Exam Form
​April 10, 2020 ​​​Final Capstone Report Draft due to exam committee  Capstone Report Template​
April 24, 2020

​Capstone Poster Presentations  Poster Session Resources Page
​May 8, 2020

​Last day to submit Final Capstone Report with revisions Capstone Report Template
​May 22, 2020 ​GRADUATION!  Graduate School Commencement