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Cancer Center Core Facility (UCCC)

Dr Serkova's Team

We are the Cancer Center Core Facility (UCCC) for animal imaging and metabolomic NMR. We are providing services on all aspects of animal imaging (including MRI, PET and CT) for the entire University of Colorado (including Denver, Boulder and Colo Springs) as well as CSU and the School of Mines. There are only 12 Universities nationwide which can provide similar services, as we do, in a full extent. Recently, we have over 30 investigators using our MRI/ PET/ CT/ NMR core - including UCSF, Johns Hopkins, University of Michigan and UCLA scientists.

Our research interests are in developing physiologically-based imaging end-points for cancer detection and response to novel anti-cancer therapies. We are also interested in developing novel molecular probes and protocols for non-invasive imaging of inflammation proteins, oncoproteins and endogenous metabolites (so-called "molecular imaging").

Group Members:

Natalie Serkova, PhD
Kendra Hasebroock, MRI/CT-RT, BS
Andrea Merz, BS

For further information, visit us at the Small Animal Core or the Metabolomics websites.