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Pharmacology SR Prices

The cost for various Pharmacology Shared Resource services are based on either hourly charges or per sample charges depending on the requested service.

Service Member ​CCTSI Member Non-Member
Analyte Quantitation (LC/MS/MS)
Batch size 1-40 samples $75 ​$85 $133
Batch size 41-200 samples $60 ​$68 $106
200+ samples Contact for a quote
Analyte Quantitation (HPLC) ​Contact for a quote
Method Development (per hour) $366 ​$455 $707
Metabolite ID and Analysis (per hour) $784 ​$1.043 $1534
Pharmacokinetic Modeling (per hour) Contact for a quote
Pharmacodynamic Modeling (per hour) ​Contact for a quote
Animal Treatment and Sampling $242           $329                     $444

 Prices effective October, 2015

* Batch size is determined by the number of samples expected to be analyzed at a given time. For example, if a study includes a total of 200 samples but are shipped to us and expected to be analyzed in groups of 20 for data reporting, the batch size is 20.