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Laser Capture Services & Prices

How to use the Laser Capture Microdissection Service:

  1. Schedule an initial appointment with the service director or co-director to discuss your project, including what the ultimate downstream application will be and the general feasibility of your project.
  2. Sign-up for a three-hour training session to learn how to use the LCM. If you have frozen or paraffin sections of your sample prepared, you can use them during your training session. If not, we will provide tissue for you to use for training.

Download Protocol Documents:

Laser Capture Prices:

The Laser Capture Core offers discounted prices to University of Colorado Cancer Center Members. Non-members can also use the facilities at non-member prices.

Service Description Member Price Non-Member Price

Initial Introduction/Consultation

$32 $81

Technical Consultation

$16 $41
LCM initial training session on slides of investigator (feasibility/pilot experiments $283 $357
Machine Usage LCM $148 $203
Staining Frozen
$40 $64
Staining FFPE $49 $74
RNA Isolation $46 $103
RNA Amplification Real Time PCR $454 $896
Burn CD $1 $1
Paraffin Embedded - Amplification $585 $1,027
Paraffin Embedded - QC $121 $195
Nanochip $55 $86
Picochip $46 $77
Turbo Labeling $130 $228
Paradise WT $178 $375
Paradise qrt PCR $404 $699

 Prices effective July 1, 2013