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Shared Resources

The University of Colorado Cancer Center offers cancer research facilities that are unparalleled in the Rocky Mountain region. Our Shared Resources provide a wide variety of specialized resource support to Cancer Center members to promote cancer research and enable the exploitation of cancer research opportunities.

Through the Shared Resources our members have access to equipment and expertise that would be too expensive for them to develop in their individual labs. They also provide quality controls on certain activities or products routinely used in cancer research, reduce costs associated with some research activities, and promote technology transfer from lab research to patient care.

Find a Shared Resource:


Animal Imaging
Biostatistics & Bioinformatics at CU Cancer Center
Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Clinical Trials

Flow Cytometry

Functional Genomics

Protein Production at CU Cancer Center
Protein Production
/ MoAB /
Tissue Culture

Animal Radiation​​


Structural Biology

Tissue Biobanking at CU Cancer Center
Tissue Biobanking
& Histology

Population Health Sciences


Molecular Pathology​