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Application Process

Application for membership is voluntary and connotes agreement by the applicant with the Center's mission, objectives and requirements. Please read the Cancer Center Objectives and Membership Guidelines​​​ prior to applying.

Application Procedures (Please complete the following):

  1. Select a research program that best suits your interests
  2. Membership Application Form - Click here to appl​y now​
  3. The Cancer Relevance Statement (within form). The statement of cancer research interest should contain sufficient detail to allow reviewers to understand how the applicant is involved in cancer research (i.e. basic, clinical or both), what types of cancer are impacted by the applicant’s research or clinical activities, and whether the research has translational potential. In addition, the applicant’s statement should provide the names of other cancer center members with whom (s)he collaborates or intends to establish collaborations, and identify any shared resources that (s)he intends to use in pursuit of the applicant’s cancer research program.
  4. Current copy of the applicant’s NIH Biosketch.   
Applications are reviewed by the Co-Leaders of the research program selected by the candidate. The Program Co-Leaders are required to specify, as part of their review, how the candidate will contribute to and strengthen the program. The Program Co-Leaders also recommend the membership level. Program Co-Leaders may elect to contact an applicant directly to obtain any necessary clarifications and/or to discuss in-depth the applicant’s interests and area(s) of cancer-relevant activities.

A recommendation for approval of membership by the Program Leaders will be brought before the Governance Committee who will make the final decision.  Meetings are held monthly.