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Required Core Activities

The following is the list of the required core activities for clinician and basic scientist scholars including the expected time of completion:

Required Core Activities Basic Scholar Clinical Scholar
Literature review in area of interest yr 1 yr 1
Responsible conduct of research All All
Clinical experience in discipline All All
Clinical trials participation All All
Basic research experience All  6+ months
COMIRB membership, training and participation yr 1-2 yr 1-2
CU Cancer Center Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC) participation yr 1-2 yr 1-2
Required core courses yr 1-2 yr 1-2
Presentation of written plan to Advisory Committee and how it will be achieved by 3 months after program initiation, including timetable and milestones yr 1 yr 1
Elective courses yr 1/all yr 1/all
Research project and presentation of results yr 1/all yr 1/all
Clinical trial concept, design, implementation, analysis and reporting partner with clinician yr 1/all
NIH-style grant submission end of yr 2 or 3 end of yr 2 or 3
Scholars Conference All All
Training of students/residents/fellows Throughout Throughout
Independence >yr 2 >yr 2