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CCSP Team 2014

About the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program

The program, which began in January of 2006, sought to screen over 11,400 Coloradans by the end of 2010 for colorectal cancer, contributing substantially towards the state’s overall goal of screening 75 percent of the total eligible population. Through March 2015, the program has completed approximately 20,800 screens since its inception. 

The program is accompanied by an awareness campaign to encourage all Coloradans, particularly those uninsured and income eligible,  to get colorectal screening exams. The program was awarded monies through a competitive grants program through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Chronic Pulmonary Disease Competitive Grants Program, funded by the state’s tobacco tax revenue.

Program Highlights

Since 2006, the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program has been screening uninsured people by linking primary care clinics to endoscopists. We estimate that we've prevented over 500 cases of colorectal cancer. 

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