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Lung Cancer Ponatinib Trial

Molecular Test Results & Treatment Phase

A phase II study of ponatinib in cohorts of patients with lung cancer preselected using different candidate predictive biomarkers (Principal Investigator: D. Ross Camidge, MD PhD)

B. Seeking patients with advanced stage lung cancer (both small cell and non‐small cell lung cancer) – molecular test results and treatment phase

  • We will inform you of the results of the molecular testing.
  • If you are positive for any of the markers that may be relevant to ponatinib we will offer you the opportunity to screen for participation in a clinical trial of ponatinib at the University of Colorado.
  • Screening and care within the treatment part of the trial will occur at the University of Colorado. Screening and participation in the treatment phase of the trial will depend on the individual having adequate health insurance/other resources for travel and coverage of standard of care costs.