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Our Focus on Women

Closing the Gap in Women’s Health Research

Until the early 1990’s, health research conducted on women focused primarily on diseases affecting fertility and reproduction. Most other diseases were not studied in women until 1993 with the NIH Revitalization Act. This gap in health research has limited preventions, treatments and cures for diseases in women compared to men. With increased understanding that some medical conditions affect women and men differently, the Center for Women’s Health Research is increasing knowledge about women’s health and sex differences to improve the health of women and men, boys and girls.​

Researching Critical Health Issues

Our cutting-edge research focuses on issues that pose the greatest threat to women’s health – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the intersection of mental and physical health in those diseases.
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Research conducted by the Center for Women’s Health Research is providing lifesaving insights, including:
- Identifying new treatments for heart failure in women
- Discovering why women are less often resuscitated than men in the Emergency Room and how we can change this 
- Using technological advances to deliver physician advice about exercise to people with diabetes
- Creating an app to help women lose weight after childbirth