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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Women’s Health Research is to:​

  1. Perform cutting-edge research in women’s health and sex differences across the lifespan;
  2. Mentor and fund the next generation of MD and PhD researchers to build careers in these important areas; and
  3. Providing the public and healthcare providers with the information they need to make informed health decision.​

Research conducted by junior and senior investigators through the Center for Women’s Health Research is primarily focused on the impact of diabetes and/or heart disease in women across their life spans. All types of research—from basic to clinical to epidemiologic—are emphasized, as is a translational, interdisciplinary, and collaborative focus. Our seed grants have been leveraged to put into action over $52 million dollars in external funding.

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Our team of professionals is dedicated to transforming women's health. From our administrative staff members to our committed scientists, we are all working to bring vital knowledge to women, their families, their practitioners and their communities.

Our Impact is Powerful

​​We’re proud of our impact. We bring more to the field of women’s health—more scientists, more information, and a more robust focus on a healthy future. Our work is improving and saving lives, building careers in women’s health research, and bringing forth research results designed to help women, their doctors, their families and their communities.

Our impact is meaningful and ongoing. Research takes time, but even now, we’re seeing potentially life saving data on obesity, exercise and nutrition take shape. 

Our role is to affect change on every front, helping women’s health research gain ground by keeping excellent scientists funded and attracting new minds to the field. Through funding, collaboration and deliberate mentoring, we increase our impact. We’re proud to support scientists whose work promises to contribute to our collective knowledge regarding women’s health. And we’re honored to be a trusted resource in our community—one that adds to the insights women and practitioners use to make informed health decisions and take positive action.

Our Team

As we further the careers of scientists focused on understanding heart disease and diabetes in women, we make a brighter future more possible for everyone. Our team is proud to pursue this goal, working to create momentum, close the gap in knowledge.

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