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Bleeding and Clotting Disorder News & Archives

Prophylaxis Usage Analysis Authored by Dr. Marilyn Manco-Johnson Published

Dr. Marilyn Manco-Johnson, the Director of our HTC, is a primary author on a paper analyzing the use of prophylaxis over the past decade. The article, Prophylaxis usage, bleeding rates, and joint outcomes of hemophilia, 1999 to 2010: a surveillance project, was published in the April 27, 2017 edition of Blood, a journal produced by the American Society of Hematology. See the full article at 

Children's Hospital Colorado Highlights Dr. Jorge DiPaola

Children's Hospital Colorado highlighted our HTC's Dr. Jorge DiPaola who works with Cancer and Blood Disorders in a small video clip they shared on social media. He speaks about how he breaks the ice and connects with kids and teens. The video captures his great personality. See the video at

Man from Colorado with Hemophilia is Making His Way up Mt. Everest

Chris Bombardier, a mountaineer who grew up in Colorado and one of our patients at the HTC, is attempting to be the first person with severe hemophilia to attempt to summit Mt. Everest. He is sharing photos and updates at his Facebook page and is being documented by Believe Limited. His efforts are to bring awareness and support for A great article on this adventure can be found at

Thousands Reach Out After Perth Woman's Bleeding Disorder Story

Chloe Christos shared her story last year about bleeding five years straight after she started her first period to help bring awareness to bleeding disorders. Since her story about living with von Willebrand Disease went public, thousands of friends and strangers have contacted​​ her.  Her story and the many others who contacted her, have prompted her to create an online platform to connect. See full article at 

Making Strides Toward Preventing Inhibitors in Bleeding Disorders

The CDC has updated their informational webpage that discusses how the CDC is monitoring inhibitors and ways specialists and researchers are working to manage and prevent inhibitors. The Second Inhibitor Summit and the plans that the CDC has in place to develop methods to test and learn about inhibitors are outlined. See full article at 

Roche Reports Positive Results for Phase III HAVEN 2 Study

Roche has announced interim results from the phase III Haven 2 study evaluating emicizumab prophylaxis in children less than 12 years old with hemophilia A and inhibitors to Factor VIII. This analysis showed a clinically meaningful reduction in the number of bleeds over time. See full article at

Catalyst Biosciences Reaches Milestone to Advance Factor IX Program

Catalyst Biosciences announced that it has achieved a key milestone to advance the Factor IX program towards its first human clinical trial. The highly potent Factor IX variant has demonstrated potential to normalize human Factor IX levels with a daily subcutaneous injection in preclinical studies. See full article at 

Ryan White's Letters to go on Display

Ryan White, the teenager with hemophilia who gained international attention when he contracted the AIDS virus from contaminated blood, received thousands of letters from children during his life. A new project between his mother and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis is preparing the letters to put​ on display and offer insight on how children viewed the AIDS epidemic. See full article at 

Aptevo Therapeutics Announces New IXINITY Supply Available May 2017

Aptevo Therapeutics announced a successful manufacture of a recent bulk drug substance (BDS) batch of IXINITY. The medication is an intravenous recombinant factor IX therapeutic for use in people with hemophilia B. The new supply will be available beginning in May 2017.  See full article at

Amy Board of NHF and Chris Bombardier Interviewed on Colorado & Company

Amy Board of NHF Colorado and local Chris Bombardier were interviewed on Denver's local NBC station 9News on "Colorado & Company" a local morning show. The video was an opportunity to share several NHF programs such as Easy Brews, Backpacks & Bleeders, as well as discuss Chris Bombardier's goal of hiking the Seven Summits, including Mt. Everest-which he will attempt this Spring. See video clip at​ 

 Washington Days Brings Big Crowd to Capitol Hill

The National Hemophilia Foundation hosted its annual Washington Days advocacy event on March 8-10, 2017 in Washington DC. A record number of participants attended this year, with more than 480 volunteer advocates from 46 states. These members of local communities met with their legislators to discuss the importance of medical protections needed by those with bleeding disorders. See full article at 

CU Anschutz Medical Campus Bus Shuttle a Transit Success

CU Anschutz Medical Campus is now offering a free shuttle bus that allows RTD riders of the newly launched light rail R line easy access all over the Anschutz medical campus. The blue busses have several drop off and pick up points around the campus, including one that is just south of the UPI building where the HTC is located on Montview Boulevard.  See full article at

"My Life, Our Future" Repository Opens Data to Researchers

The research repository created by the collection of genetic information and blood samples from more than 5000 hemophilia patients in the US is being made available to researchers. The "My Life, Our Future" project collected the data to help scientists make advancements in hemophilia research. Scientists must submit a proposal for evaluation​ in order to use the data. See full article at​

Chris Bombardier Takes on Mount Everest

Chris Bombardier, a member of the Colorado bleeding disorders community, will be attempting to hike Mount Everest in April 2017. He strives to bring awareness and support families with hemophilia in countries without the care available in the US, such as Nepal. If successful, he will have six out of the seven peaks finished with Mount Everest.  See full article at

Data from Long Term Study of Alprolix to Treat Hemophilia B Published

Bioverativ, a recent  spin off from Biogen, and Sobi published data from a long term study of Alprolix, a recombinant clotting factor therapy for hemophilia B. The B-YOND extension study confirm the long-term safety and efficacy of Alprolix, and revealed that a majority of participants were able to dose once weekly or less. See full article at

Plant Based Hemophilia Therapy Shows Promise to Reduce Inhibitors

Research at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Florida has led to new potential therapies to prevent inhibitors by using lettuce cells to teach the body to tolerate factor. The positive results, previously tested in mice, and now tested in dogs have shown encouraging results. See full article at

New Drugs to Treat Hepatitis C Under Priority Review at FDA

The FDA has accepted under priority review AbbVie's new drug application seeking approval of its once-daily regimen of medications to treat all major genotypes of chronic hepatitis C. The review will reduce the review time frame from ten months to six to potentially move the possible cure to market faster. See full article at