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Clinical Care for Thrombosis at the HTC

Thrombosis Focus Areas.jpgHow We Treat Thrombosis
When patients are especially vulnerable to creating blood clots, often due to genetic disorders it is referred to as thrombosis or thrombophilia. As a center dedicated to bleeding and clotting disorders, preventing thrombosis in patients whose families have a history of genetic thrombophilia is a large concern. Even without a diagnosis of thrombophilia, many families are aware of a family history of thrombosis and use the HTC as a resource to prevent clotting problems for themselves and their family members. Others find out about clotting problems due to injury or experiencing a clot and need the expertise, treatment, and follow up care we have available at the HTC.

Our center offers regular clinics for thrombosis patients to manage care and guide them through treatment, medication, provide support, and to prevent future issues. Our pharmacy offers specialized care for our patients’ unique needs and we work in conjunction with our research lab to bring improved treatment to those with clotting problems.

Awareness: Much of our effort at the HTC is to educate patients and their families on their particular condition and help them understand what issues they may face in managing any predisposition to form clots that may cause harm.

Prevention: Many strategies can be used to try and prevent clots from forming. Our center provides the education and medications that may be necessary to keep clotting from interfering with the lives of our patients. Any time those with thrombosis face surgeries or other situations where clotting could occur, our staff is able to provide preventative recommendations to our patients.

Treatment: Once facing clotting problems, often our patients need direct guidance on the treatment of a clot or management in finding the correct treatment for their condition. Our pharmacists are specialized and hold regular clinics to work with our physicians and assist patients directly on managing their care.

Support: Our teams at the HTC provide the expertise to work with patients managing their condition and understand what is required to successfully navigate the specific needs of thrombosis patients. Our research laboratory is continually working to improve the lives of our patients with new methods of testing and treatment.
See our Clinic page for details on how to set up an appointment for care.