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Molecular Biology Service Center

Price List

Prices current through December 2017.

DNA Sequencing
​Standard Reaction/Data Collection - Template/Primer PreMix ​$7.25
Reaction/Data Collection- PreMix Bulk 1 (24-48 Samples) ​$6.50
​​Reaction/Data Collection- PreMix Bulk 2 (>48 Samples in 96well) ​$6.00
​Standard Reaction/Data Collection- Separate Template and Primer ​$7.75
​Reaction/Data Collection- Separate Template/Primer 1 (24-48 Samples) ​$7.25
​Reaction/Data Collection- Separate Template/Primer 2 (>48 Samples in 96well) ​$6.50
Fragment Analysis​
​Genomic DNA Preparation (from tissue/tails))- low quality- ProtK diges​t ​$12.00
​Genomic DNA Preparation (from tissue/tails)- high quality- column ​$25.00
​Mouse Differentiation Panel (129/B6/NOD) each sample ​$125.00
​PCR reaction/agarose gel analysis ​$7.45
SNP Analysis (AB SNaPshot reaction)

​Zygosity Testing/Genetic Identification ​$75.00
​Identity Genotype Database Match Analysis (with Testing) ​$125.00
​Analysis ​$55.00/hour
Quantitative Real-Time PCR Machine Usage
Real-Time PCR Session ​$60.00
Laboratory Services*
​Mycoplasma Testing (per sample) ​$25.00
​Plasmid Maxi Prep (single) ​$65.00
​Plasmid Mini Prep (single) ​$10.00
​Plasmid Mini Prep (10+ samples) ​$8.00
​RNA Isolation - Mini Prep (single) ​$27.00
​Cloning/Transformation PCR product ​$35.00
*Cost of materials/reagents included  

We offer many common molecular biology related laboratory techniques for services.

Please contact us for pricing/quotes for your project!

Barbara Davis Center
Anschutz Medical Campus.
1775 Aurora Court, 4th floor, Room 4207
Phone: 303-724-6825

Molecular Biology contact personnel:
Mark Farrell​Core Manager

BDCBioResourcesCore​ by email