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A Tribute to Amy Davis

On April 16, 2014, our Center lost a long-term Friend and generous benefactor – Ms. Amy Davis. Any time you mention the name Amy Davis (not related to the Barbara Davis Family), people can only say she was a wonderful person with a kind, caring, beautiful spirit.  She was hugely involved in the Denver area community and was an enthusiastic volunteer of her time and energy. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 86. 

Through her life she was devoted to Wyoming and Colorado causes. Amy grew up in Kenilworth, Illinois but spent summers in Colorado and after 1941 at her family’s Y cross ranch outside Cheyenne, WY.    She worked for NBC Today’s show creator, the Wyoming state legislature, the Wyoming governor and President Eisenhower. The Courtenay C. and Lucy Patten Davis Foundation was founded in 1992 and  after her father’s death, Amy ran the organization and volunteered with local non-profit organizations. She has supported numerous other causes that were focused on healthcare, open space and education and served at one time as President of the Auxiliary for the Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Mrs. Barbara Davis said: “Looking back on the founding of the Children's Diabetes Foundation, Amy Davis was with us from the very first day.  It's so sad to hear that our dear, darling friend is gone.  It will be a loss not only to me, but to people around the world.  She was a great lady who did for others.  Her passing leaves a great hole in this world.”

Amy Davis' history with the Barbara Davis Center goes back to 1977 when the Children’s Diabetes Foundation (CDF) was started with the purpose of supporting research, education and treatment of type 1 diabetes. Amy was the Founding President of The Guild of CDF. The Guild is an auxiliary group of volunteers that until today provide support for the CDF by volunteering their time and raising funds. Amy immediately went to work raising money. She created the educational focus of The Guild efforts and devised many sponsored events for children with diabetes to attend: The Denver Broncos Picnic featuring some of the players, the Nuggets providing 200 tickets for children and their families to attend an exhibition game and ski trips to Breckenridge and Winter Park. The Guild volunteers helped to organize events such as the Carousel Ball and Carousel Days. By the end of 1979, there were 532 members of The Guild.  Amy created a strong core of volunteers and was so popular that more people continued to offer their time and money. Over the past 36 years, The Guild has raised over $2 million for the Barbara Davis Center and continues to be the strongest partner of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation

After leaving The Guild, Amy continued providing encouragement and support to the Barbara Davis Center. Over the years she has donated funds to help purchase needed equipment, for example, a research camera for the eye clinic that would allow the viewing of blood flow in the retina.  She often asked no recognition to be given to her philanthropic endeavors. The faculty and staff of our Center who knew her remember what a lovely person she was and how she was so passionate and enthusiastic about her work and those she helped.

Ms. Amy Davis and her family achieved success and wealth; Amy spent three decades giving to her community and paying forward.  Her passion for life drew people to her and she touched many lives with her enthusiasm for supporting endless causes including research to prevent diabetes and state-of-the art care for all children with diabetes. She will be missed by her numerous friends and the community of Denver.