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First Book for Understanding Diabetes: Companion to the 11th Edition of "Understanding Diabetes"

by H. Peter Chase, MD. 11th Edition, 2006


Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Colorado Denver

This edition of the First Book for Understanding Diabetes: Companion to the 11th Edition of "Understanding Diabetes" can be purchased for US$10.00 (includes postage) from the Children's Diabetes Foundation at Denver. Bulk discounts available. Please call the CDF at Denver for information on bulk discount prices. You may also download the order form in .pdf format and mail in your order with payment. Download the order form here or order online here at the CDF Web site.

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First Book for Understanding Diabetes by H. Peter, MD
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Importance of Education in Diabetes
Chapter 2 What is Diabetes?
Chapter 3 What Causes Type 1 Diabetes
Chapter 4 Type 2 Diabetes (Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus [NIDDM])
Chapter 5  Ketone Testing
Chapter 6 Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia or Insulin Reaction)
Chapter 7 Blood Sugar (Glucose) Testing
Chapter 8 Insulin: Types and Activity
Chapter 9 Drawing Up Insulin and Insulin Injections
Chapter 10 Feelings and Diabetes
Chapter 11 Normal Nutrition
Chapter 12 Food Management and Diabetes
Chapter 13 Exercise and Diabetes
Chapter 14 Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control
Chapter 15 Ketonuria and Acidosis (Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA)
Chapter 16 Sick Day and Surgery Management
Chapter 17 Family Concerns
Chapter 18 Responsibilities of Children at Different Ages
Chapter 19 Special Challenges of the Teen Years
Chapter 20 Outpatient Management, Education, Support Groups, and Standards of Care
Chapter 21 Adjusting the Insulin Dose, Correction Factors, and "Thinking" Scales
Chapter 22 Long-Term Complications of Diabetes
Chapter 23  The School and Diabetes
Chapter 24 Baby-sitters, Grandparents, and Other Caregivers
Chapter 25 Vacations and Camp
Chapter 26 Use of Insulin Pumps in Diabetes Management
Chapter 27 Pregnancy and Diabetes
Chapter 28 Research and Diabetes

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