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Clinical Research Studies Data Sharing

Accessing TEDDY Data

The TEDDY Study is committed to sharing data with the scientific community. The TEDDY Study has adopted policy and procedures designed to enable the widest dissemination of data, while also protecting the privacy of participants. Data are submitted to public repositories in segments that reflect the study’s progress. TEDDY data are made publically available to designated NIH data repositories in accordance with the TEDDY Data Sharing Policy.

In addition, TEDDY data and/or samples can also be made available to investigators for an ancillary study following the submission and approval of a proposal to the TEDDY Ancillary Studies Committee. Please email for more details.

TEDDY Data Sharing Infrastructure

The TEDDY Data Coordinating Center (DCC) has developed a comprehensive platform for the acquisition, management, integration, analysis, and sharing of scientific data assets, particularly the Big Data associated with ‘omics research.

Access to all data assets is secured through an integrated, token-based security model with data encryption. All identifiers are removed or dynamically masked to ensure research integrity and subject privacy.

The figure below depicts the various components of the technical infrastructure developed and employed in support of the TEDDY study.


TEDDY Data Collections 

A variety of different data types are collected as a part of the TEDDY study, including clinical metadata and laboratory test result data across various 'omics analytes.

Clinical Metadata:

'Omics Analytes:


  • Antibodies 

  • Demographics 

  • Diet 

  • Genotypes 

  • Case-Control Indicators 

  • Household Exposures 

  • Medications 

  • Medical History 

  • Family History 

  • Pre and Perinatal Exposures 

  • Psychosocial Stressors 

  • Dietary Biomarkers 

  • Exome 

  • Gene Expression 

  • Metabolomics 

  • Microbiome and Metagenomics 

  • Proteomics 

  • RNA Sequencing 

  • SNPs 

  • Whole Genome Sequencing 

TEDDY Data Policies and Guidelines 

The TEDDY study is committed to sharing data with the scientific community and has adopted the following data sharing policy. The policy is designed to enable the widest dissemination of data, while also protecting the privacy of participants through de-identification and masking of potentially sensitive data elements.

Laboratory Protocol Information 

US Autoantibody Reference Lab (Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, Denver, CO)

European Autoantibody Reference Lab (Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK)