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Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree

DDS Curriculum – Year 4


At the beginning of their fourth year, students take the National Board Dental Examination Part II which tests their clinical knowledge of endodontics, operative dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pain control, oral diagnosis, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, patient management, periodontics, pharmacology and prosthodontics. Students continue to develop their clinical and practical dental skills by providing comprehensive patient care in the dental clinic. Advanced courses in implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, treatment planning, cariology, dental ethics and jurisprudence, endodontics and forensic dentistry are taken to further prepare students to become licensed dental professionals. All students also participate in the Advanced Clinical Training and Service (ACTS) program and provide quality dental care to underserved communities in 30 clinics across the state. At the end of spring of their fourth year, students are fully prepared to take regional or state examinations to obtain dental licensure.

DSAD 8892    Community – Based Clinical Dentistry II
DSAD 8896    Special Care Clinic C
DSFD 8861    Advance Implant Prosthodontics Seminar
DSRE 8806    Critical Appraisal of Translational Literature II
DSRE 8810    Restorative Dentistry Advance Clin. Training Service Seminar
DSRE 8817    Comprehensive Patient Care Clinic “E”
DSRE 8945    Treatment Planning and Case Presentation
VAR - DSEN 8011    Clinical Endodontics IV
VAR - DSFD 8011    Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics V
VAR - DSOD 8011    Clinical Oral Diagnosis V
VAR - DSOP 8011    Clinical Operative Dentistry V
VAR - DSOS 8011    Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery I
VAR - DSPE 8011    Clinical Periodontics V
VAR - DSRP 8011    Clinical Removable Prosthodontics V
VAR - DSSD 8011    Clinical Emergencies I

DSCD 8812    Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence
DSCD 8822    Practice Management
DSCD 8893    Community – Based Clinical Dentistry III
DSCD 8894    Community – Based Clinical Dentistry IV
DSEN 8810    Endodontics IV
DSOD 8820    Forensic Dentistry
DSRE 8827    Comprehensive Patient Care Clinic “F”
DSRE 8946    Treatment Planning and Case Presentation IV
VAR - DSEN 8022    Clinical Endodontics V
VAR - DSFD 8022    Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics VI
VAR - DSOD 8022    Clinical Oral Diagnosis VI
VAR - DSOP 8022    Clinical Operative Dentistry VI
VAR - DSPE 8022    Clinical Periodontics VI
VAR - DSRP 8022    Clinical Removable Prosthodontics VI

DSRE 8837    Comprehensive Patient Care Clinic “G”

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