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Post-Bachelor's Certificate | Managing for Sustainability

Shareholders and investors are looking for evidence that organizations are working to conserve and preserve resources while managing for profitability. The CU Business School is one of the few in the country that provides a high-quality, globally accredited education on sustainable management in all aspects of business. 

The Managing for Sustainability Certificate is geared to working professionals.  This certificate gives a deeper understanding of sustainability and/or the technical knowledge to lead sustainability initiatives in companies.

Just four classes, available online and on campus

To earn a Managing for Sustainability Certificate, complete four semester-long graduate Business School courses. 

Two foundation courses—Managing for Sustainability and The Sustainable Business Opportunity—provide a baseline understanding of sustainability, highlighting how businesses assess and address their environment impact. 

Based on your interest,  select the remaining two certificate classes in areas such as finance, marketing, accounting, and social entrepreneurship. 

You may finish your certificate by completing a significant sustainability-related project where you work. 

See the course catalog for all of our Sustainability courses.

Some courses may include:

  • Managing for Sustainability  Considers how organizations can work with various stakeholders to develop and promote mutually beneficial products and solutions to key social needs and concerns. Recommended.
  • The Sustainable Business Opportunity This course examines the negative impact of a rapidly growing global economy on the natural and human environment and explores how this presents a huge opportunity for business and how sustainability-based strategies drive innovation, competitive advantage and improved financial performance. Recommended.
  • Business and the Natural Environment Looks at the impact of economic activity on the natural environment as well as the regulatory, market and corporate voluntary responses to reducing this impact. ​Offered infrequently.
  • Accounting and Finance for Sustainability  Introduces techniques that aid companies in becoming more eco-efficient, along with reporting techniques to help investors value a company along social and environmental dimensions.
  • Supply Chain Management Introduces the application of purchasing, operations and logistics with an emphasis on the integration and management of processes and systems; the relationship of upstream and downstream players; and strategies that incorporate current and future trends.
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility  Covers business ethics and corporate social responsibility in the global contexts of employment, marketing, product liability, the environment and other areas.
  • Marketing and Global Sustainability Explores how companies present and capitalize on their sustainable business initiatives with clients, customers and other critical stakeholders without eliciting a backlash for “greenwashing.”
  • Global Climate Change  Global climate change may be one of the most important challenges facing business in the 21st century.  The course explores how companies and countries view and address climate change.
  • Practicum in Sustainable Management Research Best taken after completing two or more Managing for Sustainability electives, this course allows students to pursue independent research in sustainability areas of greatest personal, professional, or organizational interest or concern.
  • Exploring Social Entrepreneurship Study the people and organizations addressing pressing social and environmental issues facing society today.  Understand and develop innovative models providing solutions to these issues.  Apply theory to real situations via site visits, case studies and guest speakers.
  • Social Entrepreneurship in the Developing World  Solving Developing World's challenges using creative and entrepreneurial approaches.  New generation of leaders are not just interested in the bottom line, but they are looking at the triple bottom line: People, Profit and the Planet.  They are changing the world.
  • Sustainable Business/Corporate Social Responsibility Field Study Gain practical, hands-on experience with aspects of sustainable business and/or corporate social responsibility.  Work with a local company/non-profit/or government organization under the direction of an executive to conduct a sustainability-focused project which is important to the organization's sustainability initiative.

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