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Global Energy Management Core Courses

GEMM 6000 – 21st Century Global Energy Issues and Realities 

This course will provide an introduction to the global energy industry, its stakeholders, technologies, and resources.  Our focus will be on the major economic, technological, environmental, regulatory, and social factors that impact the energy industry.  Among other topics, we will cover electrical generation, fossil and alternative energy resources, transportation fuels, energy storage, and conversion of one form of energy to another. In addition to technologies and resources, we will also provide an introduction to energy policy and regulatory issues, energy ethics and corporate social responsibility, and the societal impacts of energy consumption and development.

GEMM 6100 – Global Energy Economics 

Course includes energy geo-economics with an introduction to managerial tools of the trade. Topics will include world energy markets—demand and supply, refining and marketing, energy forecasts, oil, and gas transportation, and National Oil Companies vs. International Oil Companies. An introduction to environmental economics will also help students connect the energy industry to sustainable work practices.

GEMM 6200 – Environmental, Regulatory, Legal and Political Environment in the Energy Industry 

Explores the current political situation regarding the energy industry and its environmental impact, both in the short term and long term. The course deals with environmental and energy laws and regulations from a regional to international level. Topics will include climate change, pollution, solid wastes, and the conservation of natural resources. Additionally, students will be introduced to operating agreements and financial arrangements on domestic and foreign lands, confidentiality,  and bidding agreements.

GEMM 6300 – Technical Aspects of Energy Science

This course is designed to familiarize students with the science behind energy sources. This course focuses on both hydrocarbon and renewable/alternative sources of energy and examines what challenges and opportunities exist for the establishment of those energy sources as viable industries.

GEMM 6400 – Leadership and Decision Making in the Global Energy Environment 

This course provides an opportunity to examine leadership from the executive perspective in energy organizations. Topics that are covered include how executives lead change and innovation, interacting with their top management teams, dealing with the board of directors, leadership issues involved with governance of the firm, strategies for enhancing executive influence, and the ethics and responsibilities of the executive leader.

GEMM 6500 – Managerial Accounting in Global Energy Markets  

This course builds a basic understanding of how information regarding a firm’s resources and obligations is conveyed to decision makers both outside and within the firm. Emphasis is placed on analysis of the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows, which allows students to interpret historical financial accounting information. Specific coverage includes cost-volume-profit analysis, variances from forecasts, joint interest accounting, and the measurement of divisional performance.

GEMM 6600 – Introduction to Financial Management in the Global Energy Market 

Introduction to the fundamental principles of asset valuation and financing in competitive global financial markets. Provides students with the necessary tools to analyze the financial issues they will face on a day-to-day basis in the industry. Students completing this course will be fully conversant with the time value of money, valuation of income streams, and risk weighted investment returns. Topics such as risk management will help students understand risk and return. In discussing arbitrage and hedging, we demonstrate how to hedge market risk, interest rate risk, and foreign exchange risk through the use of futures and options.

GEMM 6410 – Strategic Human Capital Management in the Global Energy Environment

People are your most important energy asset. This class will explain why this is indeed true. Students will learn about the latest research in human resource theories, study various human resource models, and learn about ways to develop organizational effectiveness from the firm’s human capital. Concepts and techniques on developing effective international teamwork, attracting and retaining talent, and using human resource processes such as performance management and development to drive engagement will also be discussed.

Global Energy Management Electives

GEMM 6210 – Energy Law: Property, Contracts and Transactions

This elective will focus on the process of managing the use and development of land resources. The course examines the ways that private persons and companies make their own law through negotiating and entering into contracts, the creation and transfer of interests in real property and intellectual property, and the framework for land ownership and land use both in the United States and internationally. 

GEMM 6230 – Political Risk Analysis and Strategy for Energy Business

This course examines public influence on energy business activities. Participants will explore the economics of political action and methods for evaluating how stakeholder groups interact to influence political outcomes. These methods can be used to inform strategies for stakeholder engagement and plans for managing risks emerging from legislative, regulatory, and judicial settings and the ‘court of public opinion.’

GEMM 6430 – Organizational Behavior in the Energy Industry

Intended for students responsible for leading and managing human assets inside the energy industry. Exposes students to fundamental principles of understanding human behavior and increases their competence in working across a wide variety of group settings. Proper management of the organization creates a sustainable competitive advantage, which is the product of understanding how to manage the proper employees and develop them into an enthusiast of your organization.

GEMM 6470 – Energy Marketing & Communication

This course will cover the challenges faced by the energy industry in developing brand image as well as developing new markets for its products. Marketing products and the company to its many stakeholders, in the face of competitive pressures, students will learn practical marketing tools and how they can be used to affect corporate strategy.

GEMM 6610 – Advanced Financial Management in the Energy Industry

Managers in the Energy Industry with practical skills and knowledge need to have superior understanding of how to apply those skills to attract and preserve capital as well as communicate with capital providers. This course is focused on understanding the costs and benefits of various forms of capital. Through examination of internal and external models managers will be able to assess alternative capital sources to achieve their strategic objectives. Also course introduces effective investor communication techniques.

GEMM 6620 – Energy Asset and Production Management

This course covers the management of an organization’s energy resources and facilities as well as broad coverage of project management processes. This course will also focus on managing the flow of information, materials, services, and money in a way which maximizes the efficiency of the capital expenditure and production process.

GEMM 6630 – Commercialization and Management/Leadership of Renewable Energies

This course will focus on the business aspects of running a renewable energy entity either as a separate company or sector within an established company. Students taking this course have completed a previous course on the basic science of renewable energy. This course is intended to focus on leadership issues and decision-making regarding renewable energy. As a significant part of the course, students will learn how to review information and data supplied to them by engineers, accountants, financial analysts, marketing managers, scientists, and other stakeholders within and outside their company including federal, state, and local governments and regulatory agencies to make sound business decisions.

GEMM 6690 – Special Topics

This elective course is a 1-2 credit course specially designed to provide international or domestic learning opportunities. The course will offer concentrated problem solving experiences within the energy industry through travel to industry significant cities and regions. Learn through a combination of lectures by GEM instructor, guest lectures, field trips, and seminars with experts on each day’s topics.

Global Energy Management Capstone

GEMM 6450 – Strategic Management for the Energy Industry

Focus on improving an organization’s competitiveness in changing global energy environments. Emphasis placed on sustainable strategies, students develop skills to formulate, implement, and evaluate organizational strategies in changing environments.



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