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Energy Moving Forward Forum

Energy Moving Forward Forum

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 | Four Seasons Hotel Denver

Energy—Moving Forward 2015


For some time, we’ve been hearing that the shale revolution, coupled with technical advances in renewable energy, would lead to either U.S. or North American energy independence – a term that is widely used but for most, challenging to articulate.   The plummeting descent of crude oil prices has created a tidal wave of effects: rig counts in Colorado and Texas have dropped dramatically, capital budgets have been severely cut and employees are losing their jobs by the thousands, and lower oil and gas prices have made it more difficult for other energy sources to compete.  Has America’s dream of becoming energy independent faded along with this price decline or has it highlighted our need to become energy independent?

Many factors must converge for North America to become energy independent. Energy Moving Forward (EMF) 2015, presented by the Global Energy Management Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, will address the economic and geopolitical forces surrounding energy independence as well as the regulatory and infrastructure challenges that impede its progress. 

Attendees of EMF 2015 will gain a greater understanding of the major questions facing energy independence, including:

What does energy independence really mean?

  • Is energy independence a practical possibility for the United States? For North America? Is it desirable?
  • What are the global geopolitical effects of an energy-independent North America?
  • What will it take to achieve energy independence?
  • What roles do our partners in Canada and Mexico play?
  • What opportunities and challenges does energy independence pose for Colorado and Rocky Mountain energy companies?
  • How can companies position themselves to navigate technical, economic, political, infrastructural, and regulatory minefields in order to succeed?

As with past conferences, EMF 2015 will present a first-class slate of speakers and panels to discuss these and other important questions.


Featured Keynote Speaker

Journalist and author, Robert Bryce

Panel sessions

Panel I - Tug of war: The forces impacting North America’s goal of energy independence

By definition North American energy independence does not exist in a vacuum.  Powerful national and global economic and geopolitical forces are at play that both support and oppose the concept.  This panel will help to define these forces as well as delineate current market opportunities that support North America’s efforts for energy independence.

Panel II - Pipe dreams: How regulatory and infrastructure challenges impede the quest for energy independence

Challenges to North American energy independence exist in North America as well, and many of these are to be found in our energy infrastructure as well as the web of multiple policy, regulatory, and legal regimes. This panel will address the complexities of the current regulatory and infrastructure environment that are impeding the progress toward energy independence, and suggest ways in which three countries’ governments and private enterprises can better align to help turn this dream into a reality.

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Energy Moving Forward


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