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Bachelor of Science: Information Systems

Careers in Information Systems

In the world today you cannot effectively perform without a solid understanding of the role of Information Systems in business and national and global economy. This is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, making up the single largest portion of capital spending among US corporations.

The Information Systems major focuses on effective use of Information Technology in business. You are equipped with logical and analytical thinking in all areas of business and a strong basis for continued career growth in a variety of growing professions. You will develop the technical skills, business know-how, and administrative insights required for acquisition, deployment, and management of IT resources and services development, operation and evolution of IS infrastructure for use in accounting, finance, marketing, management, and other business processes.

Tech jobs include:

  • Software Designer/Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Business Analyst (Software Implementation)
  • Database Administrator
  • Technology Executive

Graduate Success Stories

Colorado is ranked third in computer specialists as a share of the workforce.

Denver is fifth among the nation’s top ten Hotspots for Startup IT Jobs

Information Systems Major

We emphasize both team and individual work, allowing you to gain critical thinking skills, knowledge, and experience to analyze, design, program, implement and use information systems.

There are three parts to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Information Systems major.

The courses for the Information Systems major may include
  • Designing for The Web
  • Enterprise Data and Content Management
  • Systems Strategy, Architecture, and Design
  • Building Business Applications
  • Business Data Communications and Networking

Information Systems offers an optional specialization in the following emphases

  • Accounting with an optional specialization in Information Systems major teaches the skills the regulatory environment requires to document accounting and IT systems and improve the management and disclosure of business processes for better financial and regulatory controls.
  • Financial Management with an optional specialization in Information Systems major gives you computer literacy with your analytical skills, a quantitative orientation, and a knack for problem-solving.
  • Human Resources Management  with an optional specialization in Information Systems
  • Management with an optional specialization in Information Systems focuses on the strategic, technological, financial and organizational issues involved with the effective management of information technology within an enterprise
  • Marketing with an optional specialization in Information Systems. With more and more CRMs, ROIs and online marketing opportunities, Information Systems gives you the edge with your Marketing major.

For more information, contact advising at  or call 303-315-8100.

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