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Madhavan Parthasarathy | Associate Professor, Director of the Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship

Madhavan Parthasarathy, Associate Professor of Marketing

Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to provide a well-balanced yet challenging educational experience to students. In addition to a solid conceptual foundation, I bring in high-profile and experienced guest speakers, involve students with real-world case studies, and organize projects that students often conduct for local companies. I also try to organize and encourage students to participate in networking events and other activities that make them more marketable to prospective employers. Finally, I try to make the educational process an enjoyable experience for students because I firmly believe that one learns best when one is immersed in the subject matter.

Courses Taught

My areas of teaching specialization are: New Product Development, Internet Marketing, and Marketing Research and Marketing Management.

In addition I have taught the following courses: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Marketing a New Business, International Marketing, Retailing Management, Promotional Strategy, Consumer Behavior, and Principles of Marketing.

Research Interests

  • Diffusion of products 
  • Service switching 
  • Macromarketing issues 
  • International market entry strategies

Other Projects

NAPM project

This is a large-scale project that monitors the Colorado manufacturing economy, similar to Purchasing ManagersThe preparation for this project, including organizing the databases, writing computer programs and organizing trial runs took all of 1997, and the project became a reality in early 1998. Since then, it has been conducted every month.

The project involves emailing over 600 questionnaires every month, collecting data, coding data, running the computational analysis, organizing the results, and writing a commentary to be sent to the Denver Business Journal. Further, once every two to three months, I visit the local NAPM conference, and I sometimes, with the assistance of student volunteers, promote the university and the project at the conference and try my utmost to increase response rates. I am solely and completely responsible for data collection and the results.

Non-manufacturing project

Since Colorado is a largely service economy the local PMI reflects only a small part of the overall Front Range economy. In summer 2002, I began work on the non-manufacturing index, which now also gets published monthly in the Denver Business Journal. This project is almost identical in procedure and complexity to the NAPM project mentioned above; however, since the Colorado economy is primarily service-based in nature, it is likely to assume a more important role. The data collection procedure is also as elaborate and time consuming as the NAPM project. This project too was converted to the online platform in 2009.


  • PhD, Marketing, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska


Journal Articles Published/Accepted for Publication

  • Sibona, Christopher, Steven Walczak, Jon Brickley and Madhavan Parthasarathy (forthcoming), "Patient Perceptions of Electronic Medical Records: Physician Satisfaction, Portability, Security and Quality of Care," International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology. 
  • Parthasarathy, Madhavan, MaryLee Stansifer and Rajeev Kumra (forthcoming), "A Longitudinal Exploratory Study of Changing Perceptions Toward an Iconic Brand in a Developing Country," Journal of Indian Business Research. 
  • Parthasarathy, Madhavan and David Forlani (forthcoming), ""Do satisfied customers bad-mouth innovative products?" Psychology and Marketing. 
  • Parthasarathy, Madhavan and Marlene Smith (2009), "Valuing the Institution: An Expanded List of Factors Influencing Faculty Adoption of Online Education," Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, Volume XII, Number II, Summer 2009. 
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  • Forlani, David and Madhavan Parthasarathy (2003), "Dynamic Market Definition: An International Marketing Perspective," International Marketing Review, 20(2), 142-160. 
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  • Parthasarathy, Madhavan and Anol Bhattacherjee (1998), "Understanding Post-Adoption Behavior in the Context of Online Services," Information Systems Research, December, 9(4), 362-379. 
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  • Parthasarathy, Madhavan, Terri L. Rittenburg, and A. Dwayne Ball (1995), "A Re-evaluation of the Product Innovation-Decision Process: The Implications for Product Management," Journal of Product and Brand Management, 4 (4), 35-47.

    Conference Proceedings and Presentations

  • (Please note that Advances in Consumer Research and the proceedings of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Educators’ Conferences have been rated and ranked as journals.) 
  • Sibona Christopher, Jon Brickley, Steve Walczak, and Madhavan Parthasarathy (2009), "Patient perceptions of electronic medical records," proceedings of the 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 
  • Terri L. Rittenburg, Sean R. Valentine, and Madhavan Parthasarathy (2006), "Ethical Implications of Target Market Selection Revisited" 31st Annual Macromarketing Conference Proceedings. 
  • Parthasarathy, Madhavan, Terri L. Rittenburg, and Robert A. Mittelstaedt (1995), "The Role of Diffusion of Innovations in Economic Development: A Theoretical Analysis," AMA Educators' Conference Proceedings, American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL. (A version of this paper was also presented at the 1998 Macromarketing conference.) 
  • Witte, Carl, Madhavan Parthasarathy, and James W. Gentry (1995), "Subliminal Perception and Persuasion: A Re-examination of the Basic Issues," AMA Educators' Conference Proceedings, American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL. 
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  • Parthasarathy, Madhavan and Ronald D. Hampton (1994), "Optimum Retail Structure and Stage of Economic Development: A Reassessment," paper presented at the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Conference. 
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  • Subramanian, Suresh and Madhavan Parthasarathy (1993), "Adoption Behavior and the Diffusion Process: A Macromarketing Approach," Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Macromarketing Conference​.

  • Work in Progress

  • "Discontinuance of Products by Consumers: Its Causes and Consequences"." A draft of the paper has been written; currently it is in peer review. 
  • "Diffusion, Discontinuance, and Product Adoption in Transient Economies." Draft completed, being revised. 
  • "Organizational Switching: An Empirical Study," with David Forlani. Data collection complete. 
  • "A longitudinal study of changing consumer perceptions of American products in Costa Rica" with Mary-Lee Stansifer. Data collection complete. Currently being written. Deadline to submit Spring semester 2010. 
  • "Identifying Reasons for Customer Switching of Internet Services: An Exploratory Study," with David Forlani and Susan Keaveney. Conceptual stages. 
  • "The Adoption of Pirated Music by Consumers in Three Continents," data collection is complete in U.S. and India. Awaiting European data. Conceptual model has been developed. 
  • "Consumer Motives for Switching Telephone and Banking Services," (with Rajiv Kumra, Indian Institute of Management). Conceptual stage​s.

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