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Heidi Boerstler, Professor of Health Administration


  • JD, University of Denver
  • MPH and DrPh Health Services Administration, Yale University
  • BS, Johns Hopkins University
  • BA, Northwestern University

Courses Taught

  • Legal and Ethical Environment of Business I, BUSN6540
  • Legal Ethical Environment of Business II, BUSN6541

Areas of Expertise

  • Health law and ethics
  • General systems theory

Professional History Certifications

  • Member: Colorado Bar Association, American Bar Association, (CBA, ABA)

Academic Experience

  • University of Colorado College of Law College of Business and Administration ,1997 - present
  • Wheatridge Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled Law and Ethics Instructor, 1997 - present

Professional Experience

  • Department of Health Care Policy, Division of Development Disabilities. Olmstead Planning Group, 2000 - present Colorado Department of Health and the Environment,
  • Bioethicist, Institutional Review Board, and Expert Panel Member, 1991 - 2002
  • St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, Facilitator, Ethics and Religion, 1999 - 2001
  • Colorado Director, Voice of the Retarded, 1999 - 2002

Selected Publications

Refereed Publications

  • "Treatment History versus Clinical Characteristics in the Prediction of We of Outpatient Psychiatric Services", Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, in press, 2005 (with DeFiogueredo, J.).
  • "Pathways to Mental Health Treatment for Low Income Minority Patients. Accepted for Publication: American Journal of Psychiatry (with DeFiogueredo, J.). Treatment History versus Clinical Needs in the Prediction of We of Psychiatric Service for Low Income Patients. Publication: Journal of Social Psychiatry, 2002 (with DeFiogueredo, J.).
  • "Legal Actions: Threat to Voluntary Compliance Programs in Health Care Organizations", Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. April 2000 (with Ruhnka, J., Gac, E., H. Qui Tam)
  • "Omstead Decision: Preserving Choice in Residential Option" Voice of the Retarded Journal. Summer 2000.
  • "Nursing Homes: Increased litigation for abuse and neglect", The Colorado Lawyer, September 2000 (with Nolte, Scot).
  • "The Socratic Method: Applications to Issues in Health Care Delivery", Journal of Health Administration Education. Volume 16, No. 4, Winter 1999 (with Gac, E., Ruhnka, J.).
  • "Litigation Issues in Managed Health Care: Theories of Relief and Defenses", The Colorado Lawyer, September 1998 (with Nolte, Scot and Shaefer, Elwyn). (Also selected for publication in WESTLAW, a leading legal publication.)
  • "Managed Health Care in Colorado: Current Consumer Protection Standards", The Colorado Lawyer, July 1998 (with Nolte, S.).
  • "Corporate Codes of Conduct: An Expanded Role in Mitigating Vicarious Civil and Criminal Liability, But are Present Codes Up to the Task?", Journal of Business Ethics, 1998 (Ruhnka, J.).

Awards and Honors

  • Pearl Award for 2000, Outstanding Volunteer Service to Developmentally Disabled in Colorado
  • Ethicist: St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, Denver, Colorado, Facilitator, Ethics Groups Discussion, 1998-present
  • Expert Panel Member: Colorado State Department of Health and the Environment, Making decisions on scope of practice for HIV+ physicians and other health care providers., 1995 - present
  • Bioethicist Member: Institutional Review Board, Rocky Mountain Heart Consortium,1992 - 1996
  • Bioethicist: Colorado State Department of Health and the Environment, First outside reviewer selected for Institutional Review Board, Colorado Department of Health., 1991 - present
  • Board of Directors: Association of Yale Alumni in Public Health (Chair, Far West Liaison, Recruitment and Replacement), Board consists of 12 Yale School of Public Health alumnae (nominated and elected by entire alumnae group.), 1992 - 1998 (elected for two terms.)
  • Board Member, Colorado Health Administration Alumni Association Representing the Health Administration programs, 1994 - present
  • Advisory Board Member, Metropolitan State College Health Administration Program, 1994 - present
  • Expert Witness on health issues, Committee on Health, Environment, Welfare and Institutions, Colorado State Legislature. Have been invited to give testimony on a variety of health areas (reimbursement for indigent care, state funding for provider education, etc.), 1991 - present

Professional Memberships

  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration, (AUPHA)
  • American College of Healthcare Executives, (ACHE)
  • American Society of Law and Medicine, (ASLM)
  • American Public Health Association, (APHA)

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