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University of Colorado Denver Business School, offering Bachelor, MBA, MS, and PhD degrees

Business School, University of Colorado Denver

Elizabeth Cooperman, Professor of Finance and Managing for Sustainability
  • Financial Markets and Institutions FNCE 4350 
  • Management of Financial Institutions FNCE6360 
  • Entrepreneurial Financial Management ENTP6824 
  • Short-Term Financial Management FNCE6450​

Teaching Philosophy

Interactive teaching and t​eaching by doing are the primary tenets I would like to adhere to when I teach. Students are more engaged and learn more when they engage in active learning. Also, I would like to help students engage in more critical thinking and to gain a good understanding of difficult material, so they can continue to learn and enjoy learning.

Areas of Expertise

  • Management of Financial Institutions
  • Commercial Banks and Savings Institutions
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Small Firm Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Short-term Finance


  • Co-editor, International Review of Accounting, Banking and Finance, 2009-present 
  • MBA Program Director, 2005-present 
  • Discipline and Program Director, Finance, University of Colorado Denver, 2002-2005 
  • Program Director, Finance, University of Colorado Denver, 2000-2005 
  • Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver, 1996-present (tenured 1999) 
  • Assistant/Associate Professor, University of Baltimore, 1988-96 (tenured 1992) 
  • Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University, 1984

Honors and Activities

  • Southern Finance Association and Eastern Finance Association 
  • Member: Midwest Finance Association, American Finance Association, Financial Management Association, Association of Financial Professionals, Rocky Mountain Bank Research Group 
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Economic and Finance, 2003-present 
  • Past President of Midwest Finance Association, 2002 
  • President, Midwest Finance Association, 2001 
  • President-Elect, Midwest Finance Association, 2000 
  • Vice-President and Program Chair, Midwest Finance Association, 1999 
  • Track Chair, Financial Institutions, Southern Finance Association 1997; Midwest Finance Association, 1996 
  • Board of Directors, Midwest Finance Association, 1994-1997



  • Financial Institution Management, 5th edition, Thompsom/Southwestern College Publishing, 2005 (with M. Gardner and D. Mills) 
  • “Deferred Compensation in Public Defined Benefit Plans: Evidence from Colorado Pera” Journal of Pension Economics and Finance(with Michael Mannino), 2009


  • “Director Tenureand the Compensation of Bank CEOs" Managerial Finance, 2010 (with John Byrd and Glenn Wolfe 
  • “Regulatory Regime Changes and Acquisition Attributes: The Case of Commercial Bank and Thrift Acquisitions of Thrifts” Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2008 (with F. Cebenoyan and A. S. Cebenoyan) 
  • “Another Look a Director Independence,” IRABF, 2009 (with John Byrd and Glenn Wolfe 
  • "Ownership Structure, Operating Inefficiency, and Regulatory Reform: An Analysis of U.S. Thrifts," Research in Banking and Finance, 2004 (with A.S. Cebenoyan and F. Cebenoyan and C.A Register) 
  • "S&L Performance Persistence, Moral Hazard and Market Discipline," Managerial Finance, Special Issue on Banking, 2003 (with A.S. Cebenoyan and C.A. Register) 
  • "The Determinants of Takeovers: Evidence from U.S. Thrifts," Multinational Finance Journal, Special Issue on Banking, forthcoming (with F. Cebenoyan and A. S. Cebenoyan) 
  • "Ownership Structure, Charter Value, and Risk-Taking Behavior for Thrifts," Financial Management, 1999 (with A.S. Cebenoyan and C. A. Register) 
  • "Cost Inefficiency and the Holding of Nontraditional Assets by Solvent Stock Thrifts," Real Estate Economics, 1998 (with A. S. Cebenoyan, C.A. Register, and S.C. Hudgins) 
  • "Firm Efficiency and the Regulatory Closure of S&Ls: An Empirical Investigation," Review of Economics and Statistics, 1993 (with A. S. Cebenoyan and C.A. Register) 
  • "The 1985 Ohio Thrift Crisis, the FSLIC's Solvency, and Rate Contagion for Retail CDs," Journal of Finance, 1992 (with W.B. Lee and G.A. Wolfe) 
  • "Excess Pension Asset Reversions and Corporate Acquisition Activity," Journal of Business Research, 1991 (with D.A. Cather and G.A. Wolfe) 
  • "The Relative Efficiency of Stock vs. Mutual S&Ls: A Stochastic Cost Frontier Approach," Journal of Financial Services Research, 1992 (with A. S. Cebenoyan, C.A. Register, and S. C. Hudgins) 
  • An Analysis of the Underwriter Selection Process for Initial Public Offerings," Journal of Financial Research, 1994 (with G. A. Wolfe and S.P. Ferris) 
  • "Further Evidence on Equity Market Contagion: The FSLIC's Solvency and the Liquidity Crisis of Financial Corporation of America," The Financial Review, 1998 (with W. B. Lee, G.A. Wolfe, and J.A. Verbrugge)

Current Research

  • "An Analysis of Bank Mergers" 1990-2004 (with Ajeyo Banerjee) 
  • "Regulatory Regimes and Takeovers of U.S. Thrifts" (with Fatma and Sinan Cebonyan)

Selected Consulting Experience

  • Consul​ting with Insurance Company in Baltimore on the Analysis of a Thrift Merger, 1994

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