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Courses Taught

  • Principles of Marketing, MKTG3000
  • Applied Marketing Management, MKTG3050
  • Marketing Management, BUSN6560
  • Selling and Sales Management, MKTG6030
  • Marketing Research, MKTG6050

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing management
  • Marketing research and quantitative methods
  • Selling and sales management
  • Cross-cultural services marketing perceptions

Teaching Philosophy


My goal in teaching has continued to be one encompassing two aspects. The first is the understanding of the material. The second is the excitement about the subject. To accomplish the first goal I try to use hands-on exercises and experience to the extent possible in the class. Such efforts have included the use of projects in marketing management and marketing research, experiential exercises in sales management, and extensive role playing in personal selling.


To accomplish the second goal, I try to explain the benefits and value available to the students of each class. I have been fortunate to be able to teach classes that I find interesting and valuable. I have tried to pass on my enthusiasm for the class to the students. In addition, I try to be as accessible to my students as possible. I encourage students to come and discuss their goals and aspirations as well as their problems with the material in the course.


With the availability of companies here in Denver wishing to have projects conducted, there have been plenty of projects for the students. These projects have enabled the students to gain the quantitative and methodological expertise as well as gain contacts with the business community. Several of my students have returned for additional help in later semesters because they were conducting research projects for their own companies. Many have commented that they didn't realize the usefulness of the material until later. Some have reported to me that they were able to get employment directly as a result of the skills obtained in research. This is what I seek, to enhance the skills and marketability of the students for having taken my classes.


In the area of marketing and sales management, there is a set of information that needs to be presented to the students. I attempt to supplement what information they will receive through reading with my own views and information about the area. I try to obtain current examples from trade sources particularly to demonstrate how the topics are applied in today's environment. In sales management, I have developed sets of Lotus 1-2-3 templates to allow the students to perform exercises and analyze cases using spreadsheet software.

In the area of marketing research and quantitative techniques I employ a combination of lecture to insure that topics are understood, and projects to demonstrate the application of the principles taught. Since coming to University of Colorado at Denver, the projects conducted by the students have been for actual companies in the metropolitan area. At the undergraduate level students jointly work under supervision with one major project. At the graduate level, students are given the opportunity to conduct their own projects as teams under supervision.

I approach marketing research from a highly participative, team oriented position. Students conduct research projects as teams to obtain real world experience. To improve the quantitative learning experience in marketing research I wrote "Edu-Stat," a menu driven statistics program that can perform most of the statistical procedures required of the marketing research course. The program was subsequently adopted by Dryden Press, for use with Exploring Marketing Research, by William Zikmund and Basic Marketing Research, by Gilbert Churchill.

With the advent of the Internet and world wide web, I have attempted to take advantage of that technology to provide the students with ready access to information. My software and handouts are available on the web for download in each of the classes. In addition, I have my notes posted as presentation files that can be printed and used to follow in the class discussions. I look forward to expanding my teaching capability with technology. The opportunity for using online systems and development means a new ‘retooling’ era for many of us. I eagerly anticipate learning and developing my skills in this exciting arena.

Academic Experience

University of Colorado and Health Sciences Center, Denver Campus John B. Rogers Term Professor of Marketing, 2004 to present. Professor of Marketing, 2000-2004. Director of Undergraduate Programs, University of Colorado at Denver; 1998 to present. MS Marketing Director, 1995-2003 Associate Professor of Marketing, 1990-2000. Oklahoma State University Associate Professor of Marketing 1984-1990. Assistant Professor of Marketing 1980-1993. Director of Ph.D. Program 1987-1990. Selected


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Books and Chapters

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