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Current Issue

August 2016(PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Planning for a Healthy Family through International Adoption.
    • Kendra Downer, Guatemala Project Specialist, Moves Forward to Give Back.
    • World Health Organization Re-designates the Center for Global Health's Maternal and Child Health Program as International Collaborating Center.
Global Health Link Archive 


June 2016(PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Mapping Out the Future: Global Health Fellow Returns to Guatemala with New Skills, New Perspective.
    • Unlocking Telehealth's Educational Potential in Guatemala.
    • Advancing Scientific Excellence in Guatemala through University Collaborations.

April 2016(PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Zika Virus: Obscure Pathogen Emerges with New Adaptations.
    • American Pediatricians Visit Cuba: Transitioning from 50 Years of Isolation to a Future of Collaboration.
    • Global Women's Health Issues.

February 2016(PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Centralizing Asthma Care to Meet Growing Need.
    • Bolivian Heritage: An Experiment of Nature to Explore Determinants of Insufficient Fetal Growth.
    • New Center for Human Development Director Reinvigorates Global Health.

December 2015 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Realizing a New Vision for Medical Training in Zimbabwe.
    • Burkitt's Lymphoma: Understanding Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Excellence in Global Health: Honoring Those Who have Dedicated Their Lives to Making Others' Lives Better.

October 2015 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • The Right to Sight: A Primer in Global Blindness.
    • Becoming an Agent for Change: Introducing Roberto Delgado Zapata.
    • Girls Moving Mountains: Creating Sustainable Community Builders in Nepal.

August 2015 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Global Mental Health: the Case of Cambodia.
    • Child Maltreatment: Strengthening Awareness in Saudi Arabia, Colorado and Around the World.
    • Kelly McConnell: From Round-offs to Rounding.

June 2015 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Tracing Transmission - Avian Influenza in Indonesia.
    • Merging Worker Health and Global Health.
    • Supporting Universities to Partner Across the Pacific.

April 2015 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Essential Care for Every Baby - a New Curriculum from the AAP.
    • "Los Dos": The Culture of Combination Breastfeeding in Latina Populations.
    • Save the Date: Essential Care for Every Baby Course - Oct 2015.

February 2015 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Rethinking HIV Treatment for Pregnant Women with Option B+.
    • Understanding HIV Treatment Through a Gendered Lens.
    • Robbie Flick, Highlighting Health.

December 2014 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Travel Medicine in a Globalized World.
    • Improving Refugee Healthcare in Colorado.
    • Celgene Fellows: Taking Global Health Home.

October 2014 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Haiti's Reconstruction and the Future of Maternal Health.
    • Expanding the Impact of Pediatric Plastic Surgery Missions in Guatemala from One to Many.
    • 2014 Global Health Symposium.

August 2014 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • mHealth in the Global Arena: Progress and Promise.
    • CHCO Joins Over Half of the Nation's Hospitals in Providing TeleHealth Services.
    • Bringing Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Public Health to the Forefront of Global Health.

June 2014 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Strengthening Links in the African Chain of Survival.
    • Mission Brings Surgeries to Some of Guatemala's Neediest Children.
    • An Evening Around the World with CU Students.

April 2014 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Center for Human Development Inaugurated: March 14, 2014.
    • Partners in Pediatric Neurology.
    • Investing in Our Future Global Health Leaders.

February 2014 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Grand Challenges Awardee Explores the Humble Power of Rice Bran.
    • Achieving Sustainable Adoption of New Technologies in Honduras.
    • A Foot in Two Worlds.

November 2013 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Weathering the Storm: Climate Change and Human Health.
    • Center for Global Health Launches Online Pediatrics in Disasters Course.
    • 2013 Global Health Symposium.

August 2013 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Cross-Disciplinary Linkages in Global Public Health at CSU.
    • Cultures Working Together: Expanding Perspective and Knowledge.
    • Global Health & Disasters Course.

June 2013 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Improving Access in the Peruvian Amazon.
    • Back to Their Roots: building communities by giving back.
    • Global Health & Disasters Course.

April 2013 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • New Frontiers for the College of Nursing in Banepa Nepal.
    • Moving Global Health Forward.
    • Global Health & Disasters Course.

February 2013 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Returning Home - Dr. Tania Khan Performs Needs-Assessment in Native Pakistan.
    • Lack of Access: One Student's Experience in the Negev Desert.
    • Helping Babies Breathe Course.

December 2012 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Learning the Lay of the Land.
    • Five Causes and Three Delays: the Context of Maternal Mortality in Northern Nigeria.
    • To Know is Not Enough. 

October 2012 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Influenza, A Misunderstood Illness at Home and Abroad.
    • Rwanda's Next Generation of Family Medicine Doctors.
    • Medical Work and the Native Tongue. 

August 2012 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Center for Global Health designated as WHO Collaborating Center for Promoting Family and Child Health.
    • Shared Goals: Increasing Rates of Survival for Mothers and Babies.
    • A Child's Well Being: When a Disaster Hits. 

June 2012 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Construyendo Motivación Para un Cambio Building Motivation to Change.
    • Quality of Life at the Community Level: An idea to design and develop skills.
    • Center Designated a WHO Collaborating Center. 

March 2012(PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Innovating Strategies for Health and Development in Guatemala: An Inclusive Approach.
    • Global Health in Action: Students in the Field - Surveying in Guatemala.
    • Global Health Lecture Series - Spring 2012 Schedule.

November 2011(PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • Bringing Vaccine Expertise to the Center for Global Health: Biological and Social Considerations.
    • Become a Key Collaborator in Global Health.
    • Global Health Lecture Series - Fall 2011 Schedule.

September 2011 (PDF)- requires Acrobat Reader
    • More Than Nutrition: Global Network for Women's and Children's Health.
    • Prone to Crawl: Infant Carrying & Locomotor Development in Papua New Guinea.
    • Tropical Medicine Course October 24 - November 4, 2011.

July 2011 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • The Need to Measure Microfinance.
    • Madaktari Africa: Physicians Training Physicians in Tanzania.
    • Pediatric Global Health Fellowship.

May 2011 (PDF)- requires Acrobat Reader
    • Maternal and Child Health Initiative - >The First Minute of Life.
    • Social Considerations for HIV/AIDS Research in Malawi:  Dr. Sara Yeatman Shares Her Work.
    • Student Scholarship Recipients 2011.

March 2011 (PDF) - requires Acrobat Reader
    • New Center for Global Health Director Takes Helm in 2011.
    • Center for Global Health Website Exhibits Projects in New-Interactive Map Format.
    • Empowering Young Women Through Education in the Villages of Guatemala.

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