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Helping Babies Breathe® Program

“Sixty seconds can mean the difference between life and death for a newborn who isn’t breathing. That’s the window of time a health provider has for resuscitation before a baby suffers injury from lack of oxygen. We call it the Golden Minute.” 

Susan Niermeyer, MD, MPH, FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics and Senior Investigator at the Center for Global Health


Addressing a Critical Need

The WHO estimates that one million babies die each year in developing countries without medical assistance from birth asphyxia (e.g., inability to breathe immediately after delivery).

The initial steps taught in Helping Babies Breathe® (HBB) can save lives and give a much better start to many babies who struggle to breathe at birth. The focus is to meet the needs of every baby born. The Center has co-hosted annual HBB training courses in Colorado and has facilitated trainings at the Guatemala Trifinio site as well as the regional hospital in Coatepeque. Center faculty assists the Global Development Alliance (GDA), to conduct trainings throughout the world.


Program Overview

Helping Babies Breathe® trains birth attendants to use just a few simple tools and techniques to assess a newborn in the first “golden minute” of life to determine if the baby is breathing well. The aim of the program is to teach birth assistants, skilled and unskilled, to meet the needs of every baby born.


Current Impact/Results

Supported by the Helping Babies Breathe® Global Development Alliance (GDA), the program has, in only three years, been introduced in more than 73 countries. More than 200,000 birth attendants have been trained and equipped. It has been associated with a sustained 47 percent reduction in early neonatal mortality within 24 hours and a 24 percent reduction in stillbirths after 2 years.

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