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Selected Publications

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 Selected Publications

Long-term Student Outcomes of the Integrated Nutrition and Physical Activity ProgramIn pressPuma J, Romaniello C, Crane L, Scarbro S, Belansky E, Marshall JA
Adapted Intervention Mapping: A Strategic Planning Process for Increasing Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Opportunities in Schools via Environment and Policy Change2013Belansky ES, Cutforth N, Chavez R, Crane LA, Waters E, Marshall JA
The ONE Step Initiative: Quality Improvement in a Pediatric Clinic for Secondhand Smoke Reduction2013Bunik M, Cavanaugh KL, Herrick D, Mehner L, Venugopalakrishnan J, Crane LA, et al.
Municipal officials' perceived barriers to consideration of physical activity in community design decision making2013Goins KV, Schneider KL, Brownson R, Carnoske C, Evenson KR, Eyler A, et al.
Lessons in promoting active living: the collaborative perspective2013Gustat J, Healy I, Litt J, Reed H, Tabak RG, Goins KV, et al.
A case-cohort study examining lifetime exposure to inorganic arsenic in drinking water and diabetes mellitus2013James KA, Marshall JA, Hokanson JE, Meliker JR, Zerbe GO, Byers T
Validation of estimates of past exposure to arsenic in drinking water using historical urinary arsenic concentrations2013James KA, Meliker JR, Marshall JA, Hokanson JE, Zerbe GO, Byers TE
How do older people describe others with cognitive impairment? A multiethnic study in the United States2013Laditka SB, Laditka JN, Liu R, Price AE, Friedman DB, Wu B, Bryant LL, Corwin SJ, Ivey SL
Advancing environmental and policy change through active living collaboratives: compositional and stakeholder engagement correlates of group effectiveness2013Litt J, Reed H, Zieff SG, Tabak RG, Eyler AA, Tompkins NO, et al.
Policy, systems, and environmental approaches for obesity prevention: a framework to inform local and state action2013Lyn R, Aytur S, Davis TA, Eyler AA, Evenson KR, Chriqui JF, et al.
Adapted Intervention Mapping: A Unique Approach to Planning and Implementing Policy and Environmental Change2012Belansky ES, Cutforth N
Mailed Intervention to Promote Sun Protection of Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial2012Crane LA, Asdigian NL, Baron AE, Aalborg J, Marcus AC, Mokrohisky ST, et al.
Multisite Qualitative Study of Primary Care Physicians' and Midlevel Providers' Self-Reported Practices and Perceptions About Maintaining Cognitive Health2012Hochhalter AK, Bryant LL, Hunter R, Liu R, Friedman DB, Price AE, et al.
Psychometric development and reliability analysis of a patient satisfaction with interpersonal relationship with navigator measure: a multi-site patient navigation research program study2012Jean-Pierre P, Fiscella K, Winters PC, Post D, Wells KJ, McKoy JM, et al.
Pediatricians' Attitudes About Collaborations With Other Community Vaccinators in the Delivery of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine2012Kempe A, Wortley P, O'Leary S, Crane LA, Daley MF, Stokley S, et al.
Febrile Seizures and Measles-Mumps-Rubella-Varicella Vaccine (MMRV): What do Primary Care Physicians Think?2012O’Leary ST, Suh CA, Marin M, Daley MF, Broder K, Crane LA, Babbel C, Barrow J, Wan-Ting H, Stokley S, Beaty B, Dickinson M, Kempe A
Adherence to Expanded Influenza Immunization Recommendations Among Primary Care Providers2012O'Leary ST, Crane LA, Wortley P, Daley MF, Hurley LP, Dong F, et al.
Influenza vaccination in the 2009-2010 pandemic season: the experience of primary care physicians2012O'Leary ST, Stokley S, Crane LA, Allison MA, Hurley LP, Wortley P, et al.
Parents' Perceptions of Skin Cancer Threat and Children's Physical Activity2012Tran AD, Aalborg J, Asdigian NL, Morelli JG, Mokrohisky ST, Dellavalle RP, et al.
Fear of Injury With Physical Activity is Greater in Adults With Diabetes Than in Adults Without Diabetes2011​Huebschmann AG, Crane LA, Belansky ES, Scarbro S, Marshall JA, Regensteiner JG
Development of a National Survey to Assess Student Learning Outcomes of Community-Based Research2011​Lichtenstein G, Thorme T, Cutforth N, Tombari ML
Timing of Adolescent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccination Attitudes and Practices of Pediatricians and Family Medicine Physicians2011Allison MA, Cohn AC, Stokley S, Crane LA, O'Leary ST, Hurley LP, et al.
Assessing the Impact of Patient Navigation: Prevention and Early Detection Metrics2011Battaglia TA, Burhansstipanov L, Murrell SS, Dwyer AJ, Caron SE
Prevention of Overweight/Obesity as a Strategy to Optimize Cardiovascular Health2011Cornier MA, Marshall JA, Hill JO, Maahs DM, Eckel RH
Connecting food environments and health through the relational nature of aesthetics: Gaining insights through the community gardening experience2011Hale J, Knapp C, Bardwell L, Buchenau M, Marshall J, Sancar F, et al.
Adherence to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Recommendation to Prevent Injuries from Postvaccination Syncope: A National Physician Survey2011Huang WT, Suh C, Campagna E, Broder KR, Daley MF, Crane LA, et al.
Seasonal influenza vaccination in adults: practice and attitudes about collaborative delivery with community vaccinators2011Hurley LP, Wortley P, Allison MA, O'Leary S, Daley MF, Babbel C, et al.
Exercise Guidelines for Adults With Cancer: A Vital Role in Survivorship2011Jankowski CM, Matthews EE
Prevalence of Parental Concerns About Childhood Vaccines: The Experience of Primary Care Physicians2011Kempe A, Daley MF, McCauley MM, Crane LA, Suh CA, Kennedy AM, et al.
Validity of the Psycho-Oncology Screening Tool (POST)2011Kilbourn KM, Bargai N, Durning PE, Deroche K, Madore S, Zabora J
Feasibility of a Telephone-Based Counseling Program for Informal Caregivers of Hospice Patients2011Kilbourn KM, Costenaro A, Madore S, Deroche K, Anderson D, Keech T, et al.
Comparison of physiological response to cardiopulmonary exercise testing among cancer survivors and healthy controls2011Klika RJ, Golik KS, Drum SN, Callahan KE, Thorland WG
My Baby, My Move: Examination of perceived barriers and motivating factors to antenatal physical activity2011Leiferman J, Swibas T, Koiness K, Marshall JA, Dunn A
The Influence of Social Involvement, Neighborhood Aesthetics, and Community Garden Participation on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption2011Litt JS, Soobader MJ, Hale JW, Buchenau M, Marshall JA
Influenza Vaccine Delivery Delays From the Perspective of Primary Care Physicians2011O'Leary ST, Barrow JC, McQuillan L, Daley MF, Crane LA, Beaty BL, et al.
Dissemination and Translation: A Frontier for Cancer Survivorship Research2011Pollack LA, Hawkins NA, Peaker BL, Buchanan N, Risendal BC
Survivorship navigation outcome measures: a report from the ACS patient navigation working group on survivorship navigation2011Pratt-Chapman M, Simon MA, Patterson AK, Risendal BC, Patierno S
Survivorship care planning after the Institute of Medicine recommendations: how are we faring?2011Stricker CT, Jacobs LA, Risendal B, Jones A, Panzer S, Ganz PA, et al.
Knowledge, Perception and Behaviors of Relatives of People with Premature Heart Disease: A Systematic Literature Review2011Ton TG, Fogg TT, Fong CT, John C, Li SX, Marshall JA, et al.
Early Effects of the Federally Mandated Local Wellness Policy on School Nutrition Environments Appears Modest in Colorado's Rural, Low-Income Elementary Schools2010Belansky E, Cutforth N, Delong E, Litt J, Gilbert L, Scarbro S, et al.
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