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Center Structure

​The RMPRC is organized into three core areas to support intervention, evaluation, and translation activities of the Center. Cores serve as a resource for community and academic partners, provide oversight of project teams, and provide a forum to review ongoing projects, help resolve methodological problems, and discuss potential new projects.

Evaluation Core


Lori Crane, PhD, Evaluation Core Director

Evaluation Core projects develop and test research and evaluation methods, conduct and support local and statewide surveillance of health determinants and outcomes, and provide consultation to state and local agencies regarding evaluation of prevention activities. The Evaluation core also oversees RMPRC Center-wide evaluation activities.

Title (source of funding) Funding Years PI or Lead Investigator
Provider and Public Health Input for Vaccine Policy Decisions 2010-14 Allison Kempe
San Luis Valley Community Health Survey  2009-11 Elaine Belansky
Faith-Based African American Community Health Survey ​2009-11 Elaine Belansky
Coordinated Health Assessment & Management Program (CHAMP) (CDC Core & Partners) 2009-10 Julie Marshall/ Lisa Cicutto
What Gets Lost in Translation? Why Refugees With an Abnormal Health Condition Fail to Seek Follow-up Care (NIH CCTSI pilot project) 2009-10 Jini Puma
Drinking Water & Arsenic in the San Luis Valley (CDPHE, Cancer Center, CSPH, RMPRC) 2006-10 Kathy James
Vaccine Policy Collaborative Initiative (CDC SIP) 2004-09 Allison Kempe
2003-09 Julie Marshall
What's Working for Low Income Colorado Students (RWJF, CDC Core) 2006-08 Elaine Belansky
Community Academic Partnerships (CDC Core) 2003-07 Terri Uyeki
Obesity Surveillance in Colorado * Continued as CHAMP (see above)
2003-07 Julie Marshall
* Continued as San Luis Valley Community Health Survey (see above)
2000-04 Elaine Belansky
​Quality Asthma Care in the San Luis Valley (Glaxo Smith Kline, subcontract w/ National Jewish Health) ​2011-12 ​Lisa Cicutto
School Nutrition Plus: Partners and Parents (CHF, subcontract with INEP) 2009-12 Jini Puma
Comprehensive Asthma Management Program in the SLV (CDPHE, subcontract with National Jewish Health) 2009-11 Julie Marshall
The Children's Hospital ONE Step Second Hand Smoke Community Healthcare Initiative (contract with The Children's Hospital) 2007-11 Jini Puma
Colorado Preventative Partners (SAMHSA, subcontract with ACPHD) 2006-10 Claire Stuebe
Heart Health- The Beat Goes On (CDPHE, subcontract with RGCPH) 2007-10 Claire Stuebe
LiveWell Alamosa (LiveWell Colorado, subcontract with Valley-Wide Health Systems) 2007-10 Reginaldo Garcia
Denver Public Schools' (DPS) Wellness Evaluation Tool Development (Subcontract with DPS) 2008-09 Elaine Belansky
Colorado Spit Tobacco Collaborative Initiative Project (American Legacy Foundation) 2007-09 Jini Puma
​Evaluating the Impact of a Michigan School Nutrition Policy on Low-Income Middle School Students (RWJF, subcontract w/MSU) ​2007-09 Elaine Belansky

Translation Core


Elaine Belansky, PhD, Translation Core Co-Director

Jill Litt, PhD, Translation Core Co-Director

Translation Core activities include education and training, communication and dissemination, as well as policy research.

Title ( Source of funding) Funding Years PI or Lead Investigator
Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CDC SIP) 2009-14 Betsy Risendal
Physical Activity Policy Research Network (CDC SIP) 2003-14 Jill Litt
Healthy Aging Research Network (CDC SIP) 2001-14 Lucinda Bryant
Public Health Practice Based Research Network (RWJF) 2008-12 Julie Marshall
Project TEACH (CDPHE) 2008-10 Elaine Belansky
Health Trends & Data Committee (Partnership) 2008-10 Reginaldo Garcia
Cardiovascular Health Research & Translation Network (CDC SIP) 2005-10 Lucinda Bryant
​Coming Alive (Partnership; CDC Core) ​2001-10 Reginaldo Garcia
​Healthy Habits (Partnership; CDC Core) ​1999-10 ​Robert Chavez
Evidence Based Health Promotion Workshop (CDC Core) 2006 Jenn Leiferman
Detection of Colorectal Cancer (CDC SIP) 2002-05 Mark Deutchman
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