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Consultation vs Collaboration

What is the difference between consultation and collaboration?

A consultation is normally a relatively simple, one-time project that while important, does not necessitate repeated contact with the researcher, whereas collaboration is a long-term research partnership with funding support through extramural grants and contracts. Many consultations turn into collaborations over time. Our biostatisticians are eager to collaborate with you to find solutions for complex scientific problems that affect human health.

Why use the CIDA versus hiring your own biostatistician?

  • You have access to a range of expertise and varying levels of expertise matching your needs rather than relying on a single person's education and background.
  • We provide you with a depth of shared experience, because our graduate student research assistants and junior faculty (MS, early PhD) are mentored by senior faculty.
  • You can secure intellectual collaboration on short notice, without undergoing a time-consuming hiring process.
  • We share new methods and ideas, gain experience by hearing and learning from other biostatisticians, and improve our work by working in close proximity to other biostatisticians. Thus, the CIDA provides a statistically stimulating environment for our team of biostatisticians, which in turn, benefits your project.
  • You avoid the management responsibility associated with a "regular" employee, while having the flexibility to obtain part-time or short-term biostatistics support as needed.

We provide a means to organize requests, facilitate matching requests to expertise, and provide ongoing capacity for biostatisticians to be available. We do not replace collaborative research conducted in the Department of Biostatistics and Informatics or other departments.

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