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Grant Budgets & Pricing

Our grant development supports you in creating a self-sustaining externally funded scientific team for your research that includes our biostatisticians and supporting research personnel (as appropriate). The biostatistician who helps with your grant development is required to have adequate analytic support budgeted in your grant application. Preliminary budgets are provided in our Grant Agreements which are written after we have scheduled an initial meeting with you.

Collaboration and Computational Fees

Our fees are required to be budgeted in your grant application, in addition to salary and benefits. These fees include computing power, computers, data storage and back-up, analytic training, software, books, etc.

Percent Effort/Calendar Month

To aide in the development of your analytic budget we have an FTE policy to align percent effort for our CIDA biostatistician with your proposed work.

Post Award Rebudgeting

If your entire grant budget is cut, we can work with you to modify the work expectations to fit within your available FTE. The percent reduction in the biostatistics budget should be no greater than the overall grant reduction.

Grant Development Funded by CCTSI

Our grant resources are funded in part by the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI), Biostatistics and Epidemiology, and Research Design program (BERD). Please use the CCTSI’s citation and CTSA grant language.

Project Pricing Estimates

Project costs are determined during a Scope of Work meeting and then billed as phases of work are completed.

Study Design

Design Size Cost
Small $ 1,890
Average $ 3,780
Complex $ 5,670

General Data Analysis and Publication

Analysis Size Cost
Pilot $ 3,975
Average $ 7,950
Complex $ 11,925
Large Complex $ 15,900

Specialist Data Analysis and Publication

Analysis Size Cost
Average $ 9,075
Complex $ 12,375
Large Complex $ 15,675

Data Management

Data Management Size Cost
Small $ 3,060
Average $ 6,120
Complex $ 9,180
Large Complex $ 12,240

Statistical Consulting

25 hours for $4,125

Price Calculations

Project rates are based on hourly rates and typical amount of time for that type of project. The University approves our hourly rates annually, according to service center policies, starting each July.

2017-2018 Current Rates
Biostatistician Type Internal Rates External Rates
Faculty PhD $165/hour $330/hour
Faculty MS $135/hour $270/hour
Student $120/hour $240/hour

Center for Innovative Design & Analysis (CIDA)

Formerly known as the Colorado Biostatistics Consortium (CBC)
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