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Biostatistics Consulting

Enhance your research at all stages with our biostatistics expertise from study design to dissemination of your results. Discuss the science of your study before settling on design choices, and then identify a set of testable hypotheses mapped to data analysis sections.

Study Design

We assist you in choosing an appropriate study design to answer your scientific question, creating data collection tools which will be analysis-ready, and developing an analysis plan.

  • Define hypotheses for valid conclusions and to minimize false positive findings
  • Define outcomes and predictors that best answer your hypotheses
  • Identify confounders and precision variables based on your study design and population
  • Develop a data analysis plan for each hypothesis that is appropriate based on the design and data to be collected
  • Justify sample size necessary to detect clinically meaningful differences
  • Develop a data, safety, and monitoring plan to ensure safety of your subjects
  • Develop a randomization plan to assign subjects to groups per your study protocol

Data Analysis

After data are collected, we work with you to conduct analyses per an a priori developed analysis plan, or assist with the development of an analysis plan to evaluate your primary and secondary hypotheses. When appropriate, we can adapt new analytic methods, especially for emerging data such as microbiome, genetics/genomics and longitudinal analyses.

Database Design

Learn how to design and structure your database. Incorporate data dictionaries and best practices for recording variables and individuals' data to make your dataset easy to maintain and use.

Abstracts, Presentations, and Publications

Our biostatisticians will provide a near-publication ready report with methods and results. For abstracts, presentations, and publications, we work with you to review or write the statistical methods and results section prior to submission. Our authorship policies acknowledge our biostatistician's significant contributions.

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Receive biostatistics consulting and guidance for your group on database design, study design, and data analysis.

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