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Volume 23

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research

Volume 23, Issue No. 1 (2016)

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Mental Health Service and Provider Preference among American Indians with Type 2 Diabetes, 1-23
Benjamin D. Aronson, PharmD, Michelle Johnson-Jennings, PhD, Margarette L. Kading, PharmD, PhD, Reid C. Smith, PharmD, PhD, and Melissa L. Walls, PhD

Native VOICES: Adapting a Video-based Sexual Health Intervention for American Indian Teens and Young Adults Using the ADAPT-ITT Model, 24-46
Stephanie Craig Rushing, PhD, MPH and Wendee Gardner, MPH 

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Participatory Visual Methods for American Indian Communities and Mental Health Conversations, 47-64 
Allyson Kelley, DrPH, MPH, CHES, LaDawn Kay Medicine Bull, BA, and Gary LaFranier, BA

The Prostitution and Trafficking of American Indian/Alaska Native Women in Minnesota, 65-104
Melissa Farley, Sarah Deer, Jacqueline M. Golding, Nicole Matthews, Guadalupe Lopez, Christine Stark, and Eileen Hudon

Development and Piloting of a Brief Intervention for Suicidal American Indian Adolescents, 105-124
Mary F. Cwik, PhD, Lauren Tingey, MPH, MSW, Angelita Lee, Rosemarie Suttle, Kristin Lake, MPH, John T. Walkup, MD, and Allison Barlow, MA, MPH, PhD

Volume 23, Issue No. 2 (2016)

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Jami Bartgis, PhD and Glenn Albright, PhD
Jennie R. Joe, PhD, MPH, Robert S. Young, PhD, Jill Moses, MD, MPH; Ursula Knoki-Wilson, CNM, MSN, MPH, and Johnson Dennison, BS, MA
Jennie R. Joe, PhD, MPH, Robert S. Young, PhD, Jill Moses, MD, MPH; Ursula Knoki-Wilson, CNM, MSN, MPH, and Johnson Dennison, BS, MA
Carol E. Kaufman, PhD, L. Jeanne Kaufmann, MA, Carly Shangreau, BS, Nancy Dailey, MSN, RN-BC, Byron Blair, MD, and Jay Shore, MD
Allyson Kelley, DrPH, MPH, CHES and Clayton Small, PhD
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Volume 23, Issue No. 3 (2016)

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Introduction, i
Jami Bartgis, PhD

Indigenous Youth-developed Self-assessment: The Personal Balance Tool, 1-23
Rachelle Barraza, Jami Bartgis, PhD, and Fresno Native Youth Council

Women Finding the Way: American Indian Women Leading Intervention Research in Native Communities, 24-47
Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, PhD, Josephine Chase, MSW, PhD, Jennifer Elkins, PhD, MSSW, Jennifer Martin, BSW, Jennifer Nanez, MSW, LMSW, and Jennifer Mootz, PhD

The Intersection of Software and Strengths:  Using Internet Technology and Case Management Software to Assist Strength-Based Practice, 48-67
Michael D. Clark, MSW and Dale W. Brien

In Their Own Words: Success Stories from The Great Lakes Native American Research Center for Health, 68-86
Matthew Dellinger, PhD, Brian Jackson, MEd, and Amy Poupart

Ego Strengths, Racial/Ethnic Identity, and Well-being among North American Indian/First Nations Adolescents, 87-116
Barbara Gfellner, PhD

American Indian Elders’ Resilience: Sources of Strength for Building a Healthy Future for Youth, 117-133
Carmella B. Kahn, MPH, Kerstin Reinschmidt, PhD, Nicolette I. Teufel-Shone, PhD, Christina E. Oré, MPH, Michele Henson, MPH, and Agnes Attakai, MPA

American Indian and Alaska Native Resilience Along the Life Course and Across Generations: A Literature Review, 134-157
Christina E. Oré, MPH, Nicolette I. Teufel-Shone, PhD, and Tara M. Chico-Jarillo, MPH

Native Transformations in the Pacific Northwest: A Strength-based Model of Protection Against Substance Use Disorder, 158-186
Stacy Rasmus, PhD, James Allen, PhD, William Connor, PhD, William Freeman, PhD, Native Transformations Community Action Board, and Monica Skewes, PhD

Partnering with American Indian Communities in Strength-based Collaborative Health Research: Guiding Principles from the Fort Peck Ceremony of Research Project, 187-205
Elizabeth Rink, PhD, MSW, Elizabeth Ann R. Bird, PhD, Kris Fourstar, BS, Adriann Ricker, MPH, Winona Runs-Above/Meyers, AA, and Rachel Hallum-Montes, PhD

Strength-based Well-being Indicators for Indigenous Children and Families: A Literature Review of Indigenous Communities’ Identified Well-being Indicators, 206-220
Jennifer Rountree, PhD and Addie Smith, MSW, JD

Perceptions and Use of Community- and School-based Behavioral Health Services among Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Youth and Families, 221-247
Julie Salvador, PhD, Jessica Goodkind, PhD, and Sarah Feldstein Ewing, PhD

Entrepreneurship Education: A Strength-based Approach to Substance Use and Suicide Prevention for American Indian Adolescents, 248-270
Lauren Tingey, PhD, Francene Larzelere-Hinton, BA, Novalene Goklish, BS, Allison Ingalls, MPH, Todd Craft, Feather Sprengeler, Courtney McGuire, MPH, and Allison Barlow, PhD, MPH

Culturally Sensitive Assessments as a Strength-based Approach to Wellness in Native Communities: A Community-based Participatory Research Project, 271-292
Steven P. Verney, PhD, Magdalena Avila, PhD, Patricia Rodríguez Espinosa, MS, Cecilia Brooke Cholka, MS, Jennifer G. Benson, MS, Aisha Baloo, BS, and Caitlin Devin Pozernick, BS


​Volume 23, Issue No. 4 (2016)

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Acquired Capability for Suicide among Individuals with American Indian/Alaska Natives Backgrounds within the Military, 1-15
Bruno Chiurliza, BS, Matthew S. Michaels, BA/BS, and Thomas E. Joiner, PhD

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Identfying Sexual Health Protective Factors among Northern Plains AMerican Indian Youth: An Ecological Approach Utilizing Multiple Perspectives, 16-43
Emily R. Griese, PhD, DenYelle Baete Kenyon, PhD, and Tracey R. McMahon, MS

Epidemiology of Substance-Exposed Pregnancies at One Great Lakes Hospital, 44-62
Jessica D. Hanson, PhD, Jamie L. Jensen, MS, Kelly Campbell, BA, Kaushal Raj Chaudhary, MS, and Susan E. Puumala, PhD

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Shaping a Stories of Resilience Model from Urban American Indian Elders' Narratives of Historical Trauma and Resilience, 63-85
Kerstin M. Reinschmidt, PhD, MPH, Agnes Attakai, MPA, Carmella B. Kahn, MPH, Shannon Whitewater, and Nicolette Teufel-Shone, PhD

Suicidal Ideation in American Indian/Alaska Native and White Adolescents: The Role of Isolation, Exposure to Suicide, and Overweight, 86-100
Anna Zamora-Kapoor, PhD, Lonnie A. Nelson, PhD, Celestina Barbosa-Leiker, PhD, Katherine A. Comtois, PhD, MPH, Leslie R. Walker, MD, and Dedra S. Buchwald, MD

Volume 23, Issue No. 5 (2016)

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Community Belonging and Sedentary Behavior among First Nations Adults in Canada: The Moderating Role of Income, 1-14
Scott Anderson, MSc, Cheryl L. Currie, PhD, and Jennifer L. Copeland, PhD

An Urban American Indian Health Clinic's Response to a Community Needs Assessment, 15-33
Mary Kate Dennis, MSW, PhD, Sandra L. Momper, MSW, PhD, and the Circles of Care Project Team

Identifying and Understanding Indigenous Ways of Evaluating Physical Activity Programs, 34-58
Erica Blue Roberts, PhD, MHS, James Butler III, DrPH, MEd, and Kerry M. Green, PhD

Native Generations: A Campaign Addressing Infant Mortality among American Indians and Alaska Natives in Urban Areas​, 59-77
Shira Rutman, MPH, Julie Loughran, MPH, Leah Tanner, and Leslie L. Randall, RN, MPH, BSN​


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